About The Authors


The Authors of Pain are writing a new chapter in NXT with the guidance of their manager, Paul Ellering. They kicked it off by making their dominant debut at last week’s NXT TakeOver: The End while brutally blindsiding former NXT Tag Team Champions Jordan and Gable.  Although they were unknown to us at the time, their name was made known to us this week.  Gzim Selmani and Sunny Dhinsa, with Ellering watching ringside, continued their violent destruction on their opponents on this week’s NXT, picking up the victory on their first televised match.  So far, these men have yet to say a word about themselves or their intentions in NXT but I have no doubt that that will come very, very soon.


Dana Brooke makes main roster debut

Dana Brooke made an impact on her main roster debut this Monday night on Raw, and unfortunately for Becky Lynch, she felt the brunt of it.


Photo courtesy of WWE’s official Instagram account

While being interviewed by Renee Young, Emma interrupted to say a few words to her Lass Kicking rival. Dana then attacked Becky from behind moments later, knocking her down for Emma to continue the beating.  It was then EnD was born and per Dana, the beating on Becky would resume another time.

411.com reported the reason for bringing Dana Brooke to the main roster is because of Naomi and Tamina both being sidelined due to injury. Whether this is opinion or fact, it certainly does fill the void Team BAD left behind.