Liv Morgan calls out NXT Women’s Champion Asuka


Liv Morgan may be tiny, but there is no denying she has a ton of fire and fight inside of her. Speaking of fight, that’s exactly what she wanted against NXT Women’s Champion, Asuka.

After winning her match against Rachel Fazio via submission, Liv addressed the statements she’s heard that the NXT Women’s Division has cleared out and there’s no one left to fight for the NXT Women’s Championship.  She stated that’s not the case and she wants a fight.  Although the world may think she has a death wish, if she cared the world thought she would not be here and she wants the NXT Women’s Championship and Asuka!

Asuka has yet to respond to Liv’s request (on NXT or social media), granting or denying a title shot, but stay tuned to NXT every Wednesday at 8:00pm ET to see how our NXT Women’s Champion responds!


Bobby Roode debuts on NXT

Finally!  The wait is finally over!  We’ve seen him lurking backstage at NXT TakeOver events and has been teasing his debut for months now.  Now, like I’ve said before, the wait is finally over as Bobby Roode made his highly anticipated debut on NXT this Wednesday!


His entrance music kicked off with the proclamation  of “Glorious!” before The NXT Universe set eyes on him.  Low and behold, there he was; dressed professionally in a suit, watch and shoes to match as he mis way down to the ring.  He certainly looked the role, now would his time on the mic back it up?

Bobby took the mic and announced that the wait was finally over  (clearly I am not the only one who feels this way!), Bobby Roode is officially here at NXT!  He informed The NXT Universe that he has been watching what has been occurring in NXT for months, watching NXT TakeOver: Dallas in the front row during WrestleMania weekend.  It was an experience that left him speechless, as he could not find the words to describe his feelings and emotions that occurred as he listened to the fans screaming and chanting.  It was that moment that he knew NXT was the place for him.  No other company or brand as evolutionized professional wrestling like NXT has and when he hears the phrase “We are NXT!”, he says the fans make NXT what it is just as much as the Superstars do.  Bobby Roode  is the NXT Superstar NXT has been waiting for to take this brand globally and he informed The NXT Universe on just how he planned on doing it.  This is when Roode’s tune started to change. to a sound the NXT Universe did not like.

Now that Roode is apart of NXT, his face will be all over billboards, Time Square and TV commercials.  Roode planned on taking NXT to corporate America, to wallstreet and soon, NXT would see the faces of presidents, business men and women from Fortunate 500 Companies that would be replacing The NXT Universe.  He mocked The NXT Universe for what they wore, from their “oversized t-shirts, khakis pants, ripped jeans and hats” to their  “stupid” chants, quickly turning Heel and overstaying his once-welcomed debut by The NXT Universe.  Before he left the ring, he told The NXT Universe that he is a Superstar, not only because of the things he’s done in his career, but that he dresses as a Superstar (as we all could see) .  Roode proclaimed that from this day forward, NXT will be glorious!

Well, that is certainly one way to leave  an impression in NXT.  His time on the mic certainly showed The NXT Universe that he could spit like the best of them and of course, gained a strong reaction once he turned Heel.  Knowing  little about Bobby Roode, he has certainly showed those like myself that physically and verbally, he’ll have a glorious reign in NXT; but now, it’s time to see him in action.  Will his athletics be just as appealing as the suit he wore or will it be anything but?  Continue to tune into NXT every Wednesday night at 8pm ET to find out!

Title matches announced for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn

NXT General Manager William Regal has begun creating the card for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn and so far the matches announced have been for title matches!


After Shinsuke Nakamura won his match against Wesley Blake last night, William Regal informed Shinsuke that he would have his opportunity at the NXT Championship when he faces current Champion Samoa Joe for the title at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.  Shinsuke was thrilled by this announcement!  Samoa Joe however did not share the same emotions.  Samoa Joe was clearly pissed and addressed it in the center of the ring after Buddy Murphy’s match with Kota Ibushi.  Samoa Joe informed not only The NXT Universe but William Regal that “due to oversight by the General Manager for not consulting with him first”; he will not be putting the NXT Championship on the line at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn against an “undeserving opponent”.  At this time, William Regal came out to inform Joe that he will face who he wants him to face.  If Joe refuses, then he will strip Joe of his title right now and find Shinsuke an opponent to face for the vacant NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.  Joe said he wasn’t going to be stripped of anything and accepted the challenge, if Nakamura can make it to TakeOver since he may hurt him the next time he sees him.  Nakamura, being ever so ballsy and without a care in the world, came out and stood never to William Regal.  Joe did nothing but stare fiercely in Nakamura’s direction.

The Women’s NXT Championship discussion was nowhere near as hostile or demanding, then again, we’re talking about one of the sweetest people on the planet – let alone NXT – Bayley! She approached William Regal in his office to plead her case for a rematch against Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship.  William Regal agreed that she was indeed ready for a rematch and informed Bayley he would speak with Asuka and upon her agreement; he will draft the papers for both women to sign off on.  Asuka said last week that she would wrestle both Bayley and Nia Jaxx so I have no doubt she will not hesitate to say yes on this matchup.

It’s no surprise that this card is shaping up to be a terrific show. NXT never, and I mean, never disappoints.  I’m incredibly excited to see how Regal will continue to fill the card as NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn gets closer and closer.  I’ll be sure to update you all with additional matches added as they become known to The NXT Universe.

Rhyno returns to NXT

A big surprise came out of nowhere last night on NXT. No one was expecting it, especially those who were the target of such surprise.  During the tag team match between The Hype Bros Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley and Blake and Murphy, Rhyno came into the ring with a vengeance and gored every one but Murphy, who was able to escape.  When asked backstage about his return while outside of Full Sail University, Rhyno didn’t say a word and simply walked away.  I think Rhyno’s actions was an answer in itself: he’s back and ready to go after the NXT Championship with full force, goring anyone and everyone who stands in his path.  Just thinking about a match between Rhyno and Samoa Joe makes me wish I could display my utter love and excitement at the thought of this with a plethora of heart-eyed emojis.


Welcome back, Rhyno!

Austin Aries turns Heel

austinariesnxt“No way, Jose!” is what you may be thinking after reading the title of this blog post, but it is true. The NXT Universe witnessed a Heel turn from Austin Aries on one of NXT’s beloved Superstars

After No Way Jose’s match with Josh Wood, Austin Aries came out to thank Jose for reminding him of who he really was and that NXT was all about having fun. After shaking hands, Austin was about to leave the ring when Jose invited him to have a little fun and dance!  Austin Aries first politely declined but then the music got to him and before the NXT Universe knew it, Aries was in full dance mode.  The dance party took place in the ring, all the way up the ramp and ended on top of the announcer’s table!  Aries interrupted the fun by hitting Jose with an elbow, immediately turning heel and sending Jose off the announcer’s table and onto the floor.  The beating continued back in the ring and onto the ramp when Aries locked in The Last Chance on Jose.  It took several referees to break apart the two Superstars.

Well, he did say Jose reminded him of who he really is. Unfortunately for Jose, it is far from being positive and having fun.

About The Authors


The Authors of Pain are writing a new chapter in NXT with the guidance of their manager, Paul Ellering. They kicked it off by making their dominant debut at last week’s NXT TakeOver: The End while brutally blindsiding former NXT Tag Team Champions Jordan and Gable.  Although they were unknown to us at the time, their name was made known to us this week.  Gzim Selmani and Sunny Dhinsa, with Ellering watching ringside, continued their violent destruction on their opponents on this week’s NXT, picking up the victory on their first televised match.  So far, these men have yet to say a word about themselves or their intentions in NXT but I have no doubt that that will come very, very soon.

What’s next for Finn Balor?: Shinsuke Nakamura

On this week’s NXT, Finn Balor aired this thoughts and feelings to the fans of the NXT Universe.  Ever since he laid eyes on NXT while watching at home in Ireland, he knew he wanted to be apart of it.  There is no denying that he has successfully become apart of NXT, but NXT has also undeniably become apart of him.  He was NXT Champion for 292 days and went to toe to toe with some of the best, like Tyler Breeze, Neville, Owens and recently, Samoa Joe.  Even after all of his incredible success in NXT, it left him feeling down as he was no longer the Champion.  It also left him confused, as he did not know what was next for him.  He repeated the burning question multiple times until someone from the NXT locker room decided to answer him.

That person was Shinsuke Nakamura

The NXT Universe went wild as expected.  I did too!  “This is awesome!” chants filled Full Sail University until Shinsuke was ready to speak.  He let Finn know that when living in Japan, he watched Finn on NXT.  Finn, in his eyes, is the Icon of NXT.  Shinsuke recognized that although Finn is no longer a Champion, he is still an Icon.  And for Shinsuke to become the Champion, he first has to beat to the Icon.  In order to become Champion, he has to beat Finn Balor.

It shouldn’t be any surprise that the place immediately erupted after this statement was made.  There is no way Finn Balor can move on and upward in his career until he takes on The King of Strong Style, and that’s exactly what he will do.  Shinsuke answered his question: Finn Balor vs Shinsuke Nakamura.  Shinsuke was undeniably happy with Finn’s answer and couldn’t hide the large smile that came across his face even if they tried.  The NXT Universe was equally as happy and so was I.


Although it has yet to be announced when exactly this match will take place, I wouldn’t be surprised if a match of this capacity will be scheduled for NXT TakeOver in August.  NXT fans chanted “Match of the Year” even before Finn Balor accepted Shinsuke’s invitation and I wholeheartedly agree with them.  Finn Balor vs Shinsuke Nakamura has “Match of the Year” written allllll over it.  Slammy Award winning worthy as well!

More details of when this match will take place will come as soon as this information is made available.