Friends to Foes?

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One of the most popular factions in wrestling, The Bullet Club, is slowly taking over the WWE. The highly discussed rumors of AJ Styles joining the roster were confirmed when he stepped out as the third entrant of the 2016 Royal Rumble in January.  Last week on Monday Night Raw, two more members of The Bullet Club, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, debuted with a vengeance as they attacked The Usos after their victory in the Tag Team Tournament.  If they were looking to make a statement, they certainly did and they aren’t stopping anytime soon.  As Styles exited the ring after his encounter with Roman Reigns on this week’s Raw, Anderson and Gallows struck Reigns from behind.  You could tell Styles wasn’t happy with this and even found Reigns as soon as possible to tell him he had nothing to do with it.  Of course Roman didn’t believe him, nor did The Miz when he had Styles on “Miz TV” on this week’s Smackdown.  You can just feel that WWE is setting up a storyline with these three and I think there are two directions they could possibly go.

The first would be for Anderson and Gallows to turn against their fellow Club member.   There’s no denying Anderson and Gallows came in as Heels and Styles debuted as a Face, so it wouldn’t surprise me if WWE keeps their roles as such.  These men seem to have a tight bond but could these bonds be broken now that they are on the top of wrestling food chain?  To me, their actions show there isn’t anything they wouldn’t do to keep climbing, even if that means destroying their friendship with Styles.  Now that Finn Balor lost the NXT Championship to Samoa Joe yesterday, they may bring him to the main roster to back up Styles and make it a fair fight.  I can just picture the tag team matches among them!  I don’t know about you but the thought of that is so damn exciting!

The second would be AJ Styles turning heel and joining Anderson and Gallows in their dominant ways. I don’t think fans would like it to be honest.  He’s very convincing as a Face and that North Carolina accent just adds to it.  The WWE may just turn him to test the waters and see how well he does among the fans.  There are some WWE fans who are hoping if AJ Styles does align with Anderson and Gallows that The Shield will reform and we’ll see matches between the factions.  I would like to see that happen, quite frankly I would love to see The Shield back in action but I don’t see it happening.  Turning AJ Heel would come as a surprise to some, including myself.

Where do your predictions lie? Comment below with your thoughts and opinions on AJ’s future with The Bullet Club!