Meeting Johnny Gargano and Koko B Ware

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I announced that I had an exciting blog post that I was going to share later on today.  Well that time has come and I am so excited to say last night, I met up and coming NXT wrestler Johnny Gargano and WWE Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware!


Meeting Johnny Gargano

My boyfriend owns an independent wrestling company here in Pennsylvania.  He had booked Gargano to wrestle the current Champion for the title.  After meeting up with my friend who runs the ticket table with me, we went into the venue and directly to our table to prepare for the evening.  As soon as I got to the table, my boyfriend came up to see and says “There’s Gargano.  You better meet him now while you have your chance.”  Talk about pressure!  I immediately became anxious because I don’t like being rushed and it didn’t feel like the right time since my mind was on other things.  However, I didn’t know if I would have another opportunity that same evening to meet him so I took the advantage of the opportunity.  My boyfriend took me over to meet him where I shook his hand, along with his finace’s hand who was sitting beside him and asked for a photo with him.  He said yes and we snapped the photo you see above.  I told him how happy I was for his new venture (with NXT) where he graciously replied with a thank you.  I was hoping to talk to him a little bit more but my boyfriend had to talk about the rundown of the show so I went back to my table.

Luckily, I had another opportunity to meet with Gargano later that night.  I ran to the ATM during intermission, withdrew some money and went up to his table to purchase an autographed photo.  I was so lucky I got there when I did because I got the last photo!  He asked for my name, which I told him and he wanted to spell it out without my assistance.  After a few attempts, he got it right and personally autographed my photo.  There was a line behind me so I wasn’t able to speak with him like I had hoped so I let him tend to the next fan.  He was such a hot commodity at last night’s show and the fans couldn’t get enough of him.  I don’t know if this is one of Gargano’s final matches in independent wrestling before he’s exclusive with NXT, but I was so thrilled to have the pleasure of meeting him and watching him shine in the ring.


Meeting Koko B. Ware

Koko wasn’t there to wrestle but to meet fans and sign autographs. Before intermission, he had the ring filled with kids flapping their arms like birds and dancing around to music.  It was seriously the sweetest thing.  During intermission before meeting Gargano the second time was when I ran over to Koko.  I greeted him with “What’s up, Birdman?!” with my hand ready to shake his.  He replied with a huge smile on his face “What are you doing coming at me with a handshake?!  Girl, give me a hug!”  So I hugged him and he gave me the biggest, longest hug that was just filled with so much love and positive energy!  He asked me how I was doing and how he was happy to see me the entire hug.  He made me so happy I couldn’t help but smile and laugh the entire duration of the hug.  I asked for a photo along with an autographed photo which he said he would be more than happy to do for me.  I paid his manager, snapped the photo above and he let me pick out the photo I wanted for an autograph.  After I did so, he signed it and I thanked him for his time.  Koko is truly one of a kind.  He made me feel as if I were a lifelong friend and I spoke with many of my friends that night who stated the exact same thing.  It just shows how much he appreciates his fans.


I was so thankful both Johnny Gargano and Koko were so kind and down to earth.  You never know when you meet wrestlers who are or have been in the limelight so it was refreshing to see how grounded both gentlemen were.  If you have the opportunity to meet either one, I highly suggest you take advantage of it and do so!