Monday Night Raw crowns a new Universal Champion

Last night, history was made on Monday Night Raw as a new Universal Champion was crowned.  How this new Champion was crowned was unexpected and controversial.

It was announced during Monday Night Raw that the Fatal 4Way would become an Elimination match where the Champion could win by either pinfall or submission.  The match was going splendidly; everyone involved was putting on the quality show we all anticipated to see and everyone was fighting clean…until someone unexpectedly interjected themselves into the match.  Five or ten minutes after Seth Rollins eliminated Big Cass, Triple H surprised everyone by hitting Roman Reigns with a Pedigree outside of the ring.  Triple H picked up Roman Reigns and rolled him into the ring along with Seth Rollins who successfully pinned and eliminated Roman Reigns.  At this time, Triple H picked up Kevin Owens, rolled him into the ring and accompanied the two remaining competitors.  As Kevin Owens slouched in the corner of the ring, Triple H slowly approached him with Seth Rollins right behind him, grinning as he knew what was coming to Kevin Owens.  Shockingly to everyone, Seth Rollins was wrong and he was the one to take a Pedigree from Triple H!  As Seth laid lifeless in the ring, Triple H and Kevin Owens stared at each other; Triple H with instruction and Kevin Owens with astonishment.  Kevin Owens followed Triple H’s instructive stare, pinning Seth Rollins to become WWE’s new Universal Championship.  After Triple H presented Owens with the belt and held his hand in victory, he exited the arena as General Manager Mick Foley and his wife Stephanie looked on completely flabbergasted.  The show ended with Kevin Owens celebrating as the WWE Universe chanted “You deserve it!”


Now, I have mixed emotions with how this match played out. Kevin Owens was who I was rooting for to become our new Universal Champion, so I’m thrilled about that.  What I was not thrilled about is how he became Champion.  As big of a fan as I am of The Cerebral Assassin, I didn’t like the huge part he played in this match.  I understand moments of interference have played a significant part in historic moments within WWE, but I was hoping for a clean cut match between all four men.  The outcome is what I wanted so I have no room to complain, I’m just disappointed.

What are your thoughts on what went down during the Fatal 4Way Match? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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