Superstar Tweet of the Week (08.29.16)

This week’s Superstar Tweet of the Week comes from NXT Superstar Hideo Itami.

After Austin Aries defeated No Way Jose at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, he decided it wasn’t enough and continued the beatdown on Jose even after the bell rung.  Hideo couldn’t standby backstage and continue to watch this unjust action so he went out to the ring to stop it.  After throwing several punches at Aries’ face, we finally witnessed Itami fully connect his signature GTS!  We have been waiting for this exact moment since he arrived to NXT in 2014 and at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, we finally got it!  Hideo went on Twitter minutes after midnight on Sunday to comment about it.


This was undeniably a bit of a jab at former WWE Superstar, CM Punk who was known for using the GTS maneuver.  Now that Hideo made it relevant and made it his again, I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more of it.  Fine by me!

Be sure to follow Hideo Itamie (@HideoItami) as well as myself (@wweblogginbetty) on Twitter!


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