Flashback Friday (08.26.16)

Throughout WWE’s history, we’ve witnessed so many entertaining and historic matches. There have been moments where we laughed, celebrated to the point where the noise ordinance was broken, and shocked us to the point where we were left speechless.  I want to honor these amazing moments and those who created them by creating a blog segment called Flashback Friday.

backlash2001This match takes place at Backlash on April 29th, 2001 in Rosemont, IL.  The WWE Universe was graced with the presence of The Duchess of Queensbury as she overlooked Commissioner of WWF William Regal and Chris Jericho as they fought in the first ever The Duchess of Queensbury Rules Match!

William Regal came out to the ring first to properly introduce the fans to The Duchess of Queensbury. After The Duchess came out, accompanied by two body guards and sat on her throne (oh yes, she came prepared), Chris Jericho made his way out to the ring.  Prior to the match beginning, he had to poke a little fun at The Duchess stating she thought she looked like a little more like William Regal.  After the jokes resulted in laughs from the fans and a sour scowl from Regal, the match began.

No one knew what The Duchess of Queensbury Rules Match entailed and it seemed like it was made up along the way. The Duchess of Queensbury knew however, and had Howard Finkel notify the fans – and Jericho – as the match progressed.  For example, Chris Jericho connected a Lionsault into a pin on William Regal and the bell rang because the time limit for round one had ended.  Another instance is when Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho and William Regal tapped, The Duchess informed Howard Finkel who shared the information that you cannot win by submission.  Another rule was that there are no disqualifications which we learned when Regal hit Jericho with The Duchess’ scepter.  It was as if this match was rigged in his favor as he connected several chair shots to Jericho, not only to break up the Walls of Jericho he had on The Duchess, but to release the anger Regal had for treating royalty with such distaste and disrespect.

Winner: William Regal


I know some wrestling fans personally who do not like humor involved in matches, but I think they make it more entertaining! You get to watch skillful wrestling and have a few laughs at the same time.  If that is something you enjoy, then I recommend you watch this match.

You can watch this match and pay-per-view along with many more only on the WWE Network!


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