Cruiserweight Classic Match of the Month (August 2016)

Since The Cruiserweight Classic debuted on The WWE Network on July 13th, it has become an immediate success.  Those who may not be familiar with the cruiserweight division or independent wrestling are being introduced to a whole different world of high fliers and agility from the best talent from all over the globe.  There was no denying that The Cruiserweight Classic would be something special but these competitors have truly stolen the hearts and attention of everyone tuning in every Wednesday.  It left such an impression on me that as a blogger, I just had to dedicate a monthly blog segment in its honor aside from the weekly tournament results.  Without further ado, I bring you the Cruiserweight Classic Match of the Month.


August’s Cruiserweight Classic Match of the Month took place at the second to last second round qualifying matches of the tournament.  Two highly popular Cruiserweight Classic competitors Akira Towaza and Jack Gallagher faced off in order to determine who would be advancing to the quarter finals.

It was undeniable that the WWE Universe was behind Jack Gallagher this entire match. Chants like “Jackie Boy!” and “Jack!” filled the arena frequently.  By watching the match, it looked as if the cheers from the fans had impacted Gallagher’s every move as he had great control over Towaza.  Gallagher had injured Towaza’s left thigh early on in the match and he had set his primary focus on further injuring it, giving him the upper hand.  Although Gallagher ruled a majority of their match, Towaza picked up steam in its final moments.  Towaza connected a Small Package, German Suplex and Deadlift on Gallagher, which none seemed to work until he connected a German Suplex into a Bridge on Gallagher.  This resulted in a victory for Towaza and his advancement in the Cruiserweight Classic quarter finals.

Winner: Akira Towaza


This match had me engaged and on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I was incredibly bummed that Gallagher was not victorious but like I said when this match aired, I strongly feel this will not be the last we see of Jack Gallagher in WWE and I still feel that way.  Both Gallagher and Towaza have such big, bright futures in professional wrestling and I cannot wait to see where this exciting journey in the industry takes them.

This match is available to rewatch on The WWE Network as well as The Cruiserweight Classic Tournament every Wednesday at 9pm ET!


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