Women’s Division match announced for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn

nxttakeoverWith the success of last year’s NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, it has drawn the attention of international talent who want to compete against the best in the business.  William Regal continued on, proclaiming that this year’s NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn will be the TakeOver yet.  I’m sure many of the WWE Universe agreed with Regal’s statement, but there is one person who didn’t and that individual was Billie Kay.  The Femme Fatale doesn’t feel it’ll be the best TakeOver event unless she’s a part of it.  After all, she debuted on Smackdown last month and has had nothing but victorious matches in NXT.  Billie Kay broke the news to Regal that if he wanted NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn to be the best, she has to be competing.  Regal agreed, and informed Billie that she would have a match against the debuting NXT Superstar, Ember Moon.

It’s ironic that this match was announced last night, because I was thinking to myself that day if the General Manager would add any additional matches with one of them including the Femme Fatale. I’m a huge fan of Kay’s and am excited that she will be Ember Moon’s first opponent in NXT.  Something in my heart tells me though that Kay’s winning streak will soon come to an end this Saturday.

Be sure to check out the debut of Ember Moon, Billie Kay and NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn this Saturday, August 20th on the WWE Network at 8pm ET!


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