Womens Division match added to SummerSlam

Smackdown Live followed suit with Monday Night Raw by adding another match to SummerSlam’s stacked card.  This being a Six Women Tag Team Match!


Eva Marie, Natalya and Alexa Bliss vs Naomi, Carmella and Becky Lynch

Eva Marie has yet to make her highly anticipated debut on Smackdown Live due to various situations that occur prior to her match.  First she sustained an injury, then a wardrobe malfunction, and last night, she was stuck in traffic.  I mean, she can’t help that these things happen!  Most importantly, she made it to Smackdown Live.  Better late than never, right?  This didn’t stop Naomi though from chasing her around the ring; attempting to get her hands on Eva like she was scheduled to earlier in the evening.  Whether numerous interruptions from Eva Marie resulted in this match at SummerSlam, or Shane and Daniel want Eva to finally make her debut, I’m not sure.  Whatever the reason, I have a strong feeling she’ll make sure nothing comes in between this momentous moment in her career.  Joining Eva Marie will be Natalya, who has had beef with Becky Lynch the last few months as well as newcomer Carmella, and the third women on their team is Alexa Bliss.  The opposing team consists of Naomi, Becky Lynch and Carmella.

Tune into SummerSlam this Sunday to see if Eva Marie will grace the WWE Universe with her in-ring presence along with checking out Smackdown Live’s Womens Division!


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