Match and Guest Star announced for SummerSlam

SummerSlam is now less than a week away!  The hottest event of the year is surely living up to its name just by the card alone, but the General Manager of Monday Night Raw Mick Foley decided to add some more action to it, making it sizzle just a little more.



Cesaro vs Sheamus in a “Best of Seven Series”

The animosity between the Swiss Superman and Celtic Warrior has been increasing with each passing Raw.  Both gentlemen feel they are superior to each other and deserve Championship opportunities.  Cesaro has defeated each opponent which even earned him a title shot at the United States Championship against Rusev, which he lost the match.  Sheamus however, has not been fortunate when it comes to the outcome of his matches as he has lost them all.  The hostility between these two men has boiled over to the point where referees stepped in to prevent them from further attacking one another.  Mick Foley understandably had enough of this constant bickering, sudden attacks and match interruptions that Mick Foley declared a match between the two at SummerSlam.  This match however is the first match in a “Best of Seven Series” that will determine which of the two are more dominant, more superior and the one that truly deserves an opportunity at a Championship match.  Will Cesaro continue his reign or will he fall victim to the Sheamus’ brutalizing Brogue Kick or White Noise?  Watch how it all unfolds starting this Sunday!


John Stewart returns to SummerSlam

Mick Foley informed Stephanie that the former host of The Daily Show John Stewart will be returning to SummerSlam this Sunday.  John hosted the event last year and even had power over decision-making for one of the matches, but his role this upcoming Sunday is undetermined as of now.  Tune into to see what place John has in this year’s SummerSlam this upcoming Sunday.


SummerSlam airs this Sunday, August 21st at 7pm ET only on the WWE Network!


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