Week 1 of Second Round CWC Qualifying Matches

cwcLast night kicked off the second round of qualifying matches in the Cruiserweight Classic Tournament. Last night was unlike any other.  What we witnessed was pure magic and it had me in tears.  I’ll tell you why in just one moment but before I do, I want to provide you with the results of last night’s matches.  It looks like since the number of participants has been decreased from 32 to 16, the Cruiserweight Classic Tournament is cutting its matches from 4 a night to 2.  It certainly allows more time for these men to fight for the coveted WWE contract.  Below are the results from last night’s matches:


Taijiri vs Gran Metalik

Winner: Gran Metalik

Kota Ibushi vs Cedric Alexander

Winner: Kota Ibushi


The end of the second match was where I became an emotional mess. Cedric fought, and I mean, fought to advance in the tournament.  You not only saw it by the brilliant performance he put on in the ring, but even after the match had ended.  He was drenched in sweat and tears and the pain of losing was clearly visible on Cedric’s face.  The crowd bombarded him with “Thank you, Cedric!” chants as he made his way out of the arena, followed by “Please sign, Cedric!” chants.   As those chants filled the arena, Triple H came out and shook Cedric hand’s, giving the fans thumbs up, and walked Cedric to the back with his hand on his Cedric’s back.  This shows clear indication (to me anyway) that WWE just added one more man to their roster, but an official statement has yet to be released.

What an incredible night. I have a feeling moving forward more amazing and memorable moments will occur as we get closer to announcing a winner.  What are your thoughts on last night’s Cruiserweight Classic matches?  Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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