Superstar Tweet of the Week (08.07.16)

This week’s Superstar Tweet of the Week comes from “The Boss,” Sasha Banks.

We all witnessed the exciting and emotional moment when Sasha successfully made Charlotte tap out while in The Bank Statement to become our new Women’s Champion.  Since then, The WWE Universe has seen countless videos and photos of Sasha with the Women’s Championship belt since her win, glowing with excitement, enthusiasm and gratitude.  One photo in particular Sasha shared herself on her Twitter this Wednesday of an incredible new detail made to the Women’s Championship belt.


Clearly, this only adds to Sasha’s excitement as it should!  I can only imagine that this still feels so unreal to her as she’s dreamed of this moment since she was ten years old.  All the hard work she’s put into making her dreams come true has certainly paid off, and she truly deserves this highlighting moment in her career.  I feel confident speaking on behalf of The WWE Universe when I say we couldn’t be more proud of Sasha.

Be sure to follow Sasha Banks (@SashaBanksWWE) as well as myself (@wweblogginbetty) on Twitter!


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