Instagram Photo of the Week (08.06.16)

This week’s Instagram Photo of the Week comes from one Certified G and Bonafide Stud, Enzo Amore.

The feud with AJ Styles began when The Club outnumbered and overpowered John Cena one Monday night on Raw, in which Enzo and Big Cass came to Cena’s aid.  The comment of AJ Styles having “soccer mom hair” first started on Twitter, which Enzo reiterated a few weeks later on Monday Night Raw which went viral within The WWE Universe.  Soon, you heard it in chants, read it in tweets and even memes.  Speaking of which….

Enzo Amore made his own reference to AJ Styles’ “soccer mom hair” and posted it on his Instagram page Wednesday.  I know it’s not your typical meme but it’s still silly!



Be sure to follow Enzo Amore (@wweaaLLday21) as well as myself (@wwebloggingbetty) on Instagram!


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