A new member added to Monday Night Raw’s roster

“The New Era” in Monday Night Raw continued to live up to the excitement and surprises as we saw the return of a WWE Superstar.

Heath Slater was in the middle of the ring preaching to the fans, Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley as to how he is the hottest free agent in professional wrestling. We saw this stunt on last week’s Smackdown Live! but the only difference this time was he wasn’t alone.  His former tag team partner in 3MB, Jinder Mahal was standing next to him.  As Slater continued to state his case as to why he and Jinder Mahal should be signed, General Manager Mick Foley came out to announce a match between the two to determine who will be the newest addition to the Raw roster.  As Heath argued with Mick that he wouldn’t be able to put a wedge between the two of them, Mahal clearly felt differently.  Once Heath turned around, Mahal hit him with a huge kick to the face, knocking Heath down for the pin and the win.  Jinder Mahal is now a member of the Monday Night Raw roster.


Forgotten during the draft picks, gored by Rhyno last week on Smackdown Live! and now betrayed by his former tag team partner.  Poor Heath can’t catch a break!

I personally could care less about the return of Jinder Mahal.  I didn’t like him when he was in 3MB, I wasn’t sadden or shocked when he was released from WWE in 2012 and I’m not excited that he has returned.  I feel the spot could have been used to bring someone up from NXT or bring back a more popular Superstar.  We’ll see how WWE uses him and if this time, it will make more of a lasting impression on me.

What are your thoughts on Jinder Mahal’s return?  Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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