NXT Match of the Month (July 2016)

With the weekly airings of Monday Night Raw and Smackdown along with monthly pay-per-views, we are bound to witness one match that outshines the rest.  One match that has you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, thrashing your body around in excitement, and screaming in happiness, anger or anxiety throughout the entire match.  It leaves your heart pounding and any word off the tip of your tongue that night is about that match.  That match will be featured in this blog segment titled NXT Match of the Month!


The NXT Universe had been anxiously waiting for these two Superstars to meet in the ring and there was no doubt Triple H and those working alongside him were just waiting for the most opportune time to make it happen.  With the NXT Championship around Samoa Joe’s waist, we thought that was the last we would see of the most previous Champion.  However, one of NXT’s most popular and beloved Superstars had his eyes set on a match with the former NXT Champion before he was able to go after the title himself.  So it was settled; on July 13th at Full Sail University, “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura faced “The Icon of NXT” Finn Balor!

As two of NXT’s favorite Superstars, the crowd got behind them both with chants of “Nakamura!” and “Let’s go, Finn!”  Finn Balor controlled most of the match as he had several Headlocks on Nakamura and really focused his time on inflicting pain to Nakamura’s knee that he injured with a Double Kick early in the match.  At one point, we all thought Balor had won when he had hit Nakamura with a Reverse 1916, but shockingly – Balor especially – Nakamura kicked out at two.  Although Balor ruled a majority of the match, Nakamura surely had his moments where he reigned supreme.  He hit Balor with “Good Vibrations” twice due to the fans’ boisterous request and a Kinasha which Balor kicked out of once, but not twice.  The second Kinasha solidified Nakamura’s victory and defeating “The Icon of NXT” as he was so determined to do.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Both men were incredibly emotional after the match, as it would be Finn’s last in NXT.  These close-knit friends shared a hug, a few words between each other, and bowed as a sign of respect for one another.  There was no better way for Finn to end his three year tenor in NXT than a match against one of the world’s very best professional wrestlers and one of his very best friends. Finn certainly left on a high note with a match that has been deemed “Match of the Year” by many of The NXT Universe and one, if it could ever be possible, we would love to see fight forever.

If you guys missed it or want to relive the excitement of this match, it is available to re-watch again and again on The WWE Network as well as HuluPlus!



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