CWC Participant of the Month (July 2016)

Since The Cruiserweight Classic debuted on The WWE Network on July 13th, it has become an immediate success.  Those who may not be familiar with the cruiserweight division or independent wrestling are being introduced to a whole different world of high fliers and agility from the best talent from all over the globe.  There was no denying that The Cruiserweight Classic would be something special but these competitors have truly stolen the hearts and attention of everyone tuning in every Wednesday.  It left such an impression on me that as a blogger, I just had to dedicate a monthly blog segment in its honor aside from the weekly tournament results.  I have already brought you the first ever Cruiserweight Classic Match of the Month last Monday and now, it’s time to announce the first ever Cruiserweight Classic Participant of the Month!

kotaibushiKota Ibushi was no doubt one of the more well-known and popular participants selected for The Cruiserweight Classics.  Ibushi has been wrestling independently for twelve years prior to The Cruiserweight Classic Tournament and since his debut on CWC, his star has taken flight.  Ibushi successfully defeated his opponent Sean Maluta on the debut show of The Cruiserweight Classic and has been pegged by The WWE Universe to win the entire tournament!  Not only that, but Ibushi made his NXT debut last Wednesday and won his match against former Tag Team Champion, Buddy Murphy.  Ibushi’s hot streak is just getting started and I am excited to see just how far he will go within WWE.



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