Match of the Month (July 2016)

With the weekly airings of Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live! along with monthly pay-per-views, we are bound to witness one match that outshines the rest.  One match that has you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, thrashing your body around in excitement, and screaming in happiness, anger or anxiety throughout the entire match.  It leaves your heart pounding and any word off the tip of your tongue that night is about that match.  That match will be featured in this *NEW* blog segment titled Match of the Month!


July’s Match of the Month occurred on Monday Night Raw which happened to fall on our country’s 240th birthday!  That’s right; it was the 4th of July edition of Monday Night Raw!  The most gorgeous tag team in WWE Tyler Breeze and Fandango, known as Breezango, watched in their VIP section next to commentary as their rivals, The Golden Truth (Goldust and R-Truth) faced The Vaudevillians, Aiden English and Simon Gotch.

The Vaudevillians are already in the ring waiting for their opponents. The music hits, with Goldust being the first to come out announcing “The Golden Truth”.  R-Truth comes out to his music which is “The Golden Truth Remix” and he and Goldust make their way to the ring, dancing as R-Truth raps.  After their entertaining entrance is finished, the match begins with R-Truth and Gotch locking arms.  Gotch hits Truth with chops to the chest followed by a kick to the mid-section.  Gotch bumps the ropes and Truth jumps and kicks Gotch in the face.  Gotch makes his way to his corner where he tags in Aiden English and Truth tags in Goldust.  English tries to hit Goldust with a Clothesline which Goldust ducks and bumps the ropes to connect an elbow to English’s face followed by a Clothesline.  Goldust is about to swing English into the ropes but English halts and swings Goldust instead.  As Goldust bumps the ropes, English bends his upper body to throw Goldust over but Goldust stops short, drops to his knees and slaps English in the face.  At this time, Simon Gotch is up on the top turnbuckle about to leap onto Goldust who turns around in time to hit a flying Gotch with a knee in between the legs.  Goldust bumps the ropes and English sets up for a Power Slam but Goldust counters and plants English face first into the mat.  Goldust puts English in the corner of the ring and hits English with chops to the chest.  After two chops have been delivered, the referee orders Goldust to stop.  Goldust then takes English and swings him into the opposite corner of the ring which English hits and stumbles his way back into the center which Goldust then hits English with a Power Slam.  Goldust attempts to pin English but Gotch breaks ups the pin.

At this time, R-Truth makes his way into the ring which Gotch grabs Truth by the head and throws him over the top rope. As soon as this occurs, Goldust throws Gotch over the top rope who lands on his feet and Truth immediately runs his shoulder into Gotch’s mid-section.  Goldust swings English into the ropes and as Goldust bends his upper body to flip English over him, English kicks Goldust in the face.  Goldust goes flying back into the ropes which R-Truth tags in by slight slap to Goldust’s back.  Unaware of the tag, English goes in for the Clothesline on Goldust who ducks and R-Truth and Goldust immediately set up and hit English with their signature move, Solid Gold.  R-Truth pins English.

Winner: The Golden Truth


This was the second time The Golden Truth had won as a Tag Team and they celebrated just like they did their first victory. I absolutely love the goofiness and the bond Goldust and R-Truth have with one another.  Regardless if they’re wrestling together or the camera is focused on whatever they are getting into backstage, they always provided quality entertainment.  Each and every time!


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