Instagram Photo of the Week (07.23.16)

This week’s Instagram Photo of the Week comes from the new Commissioner of Smackdown Live!, Shane McMahon.

The day The WWE Universe had been anticipating since it’s announcement in May had finally come this week: Smackdown was not only going live for the first time on its new channel, The USA Network, but the WWE Draft would occur that same night!  Stephanie showed pride in being Commission of Monday Night Raw with the Raw logo printed down her dress.  Shane also wore his pride of being Commissioner of Smackdown Live! but in a more subtle fashion.  As you may or may not know, Shane is a shoe guy so it was only appropriate that it was displayed on his shoes.  Shane shared this photo on Instagram of his sweet sneaks hours before the debut of Smackdown Live!:


This is so Shane.  I’m not a big shoe person but I have to admit that these are really, really cool!  As Commissioner, he should wear them every Tuesday night on Smackdown Live! as it would be appropriate to do so!  Knowing Shane’s love of shoes, I’m sure he’ll have a new pair on every other week HAHA.

Be sure to follow Shane (@shanemcmahonwwe) as well as myself (@wwebloggingbetty) on Instagram!


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