Week 2 of Cruiserweight Classic Qualifying Matches


Another amazing night of qualifying matches for The Cruiserweight Classics is in the books and everyone involved did an incredible job. There is no denying the participants in last night’s event gave it their all to move onto the next round, all while entertaining the fans in the process.  Unfortunately, there can only be one winner in each matchup and the winners of last night’s matches are as follows:

 Tajiri vs Damian Slater

Winner: Tajiri

TJ Perkins vs Da Mack

Winner: TJ Perkins

Mustafa Ali vs Lince Dorado

Winner: Lince Dorado

Akira Towaza vs Kenneth Johnson

Winner: Akira Towaza

 It was announced last night that Tajiri will face Gran Metalik in the second round. At this time, Perkins, Dorado and Towaza’s opponents are unknown.  I would have to say that out of all four matches last night, my favorite by far was TJ Perkins vs Da Mack.  These two just complimented each other so well and their athleticism individually is just outstanding.  There is no way WWE can let someone as gifted and as talented as Da Mack walk away, or as he did last night, moonwalk away.  It would be a crying shame to let him slip through their fingers and fall into another wrestling promotion’s hands.  I hope WWE makes the smart decision and signs Da Mack as soon as possible!

What was your favorite match last night? Are you happy with those who were advanced to the second round?  Let me know by leaving a comment  below!


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