Flashback Friday (07.22.16)

summerslam2013Throughout WWE’s history, we’ve witnessed so many entertaining and historic matches. There have been moments where we laughed, celebrated to the point where the noise ordinance was broken, and shocked us to the point where we were left speechless.  I want to honor these amazing moments and those who created them by creating a new blog segment called Flashback Friday.

This week’s Flashback Friday once again takes place at SummerSlam on August 18, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.  This match happens to be one of my favorite matches of all-time and when you read about it, you’ll know why.  It’s “The Best vs The Beast” CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar!

Brock Lesnar, accompanied by manager and friend Paul Heyman, makes his way to the ring. Shortly after, CM Punk makes his way to the ring.  The WWE Universe is undeniably behind Punk as “CM Punk!” chants fill the arena.  As soon as the bell is rung, CM Punk wastes no time and charges at Brock Lesnar.  However, Lesnar is quick on his toes and picks up Punk and puts him in the corner.  Brock goes to town on Punk’s mid-section by thrusting his shoulder into it repeatedly. Although Punk was punching Brock’s back, it didn’t even faze The Beast as he continued to throw his shoulder into Punk’s mid-section.  Although Punk is able to connect a Forearm several times to the face of Lesnar, Brock picks up Punk again, puts him back in the corner of the ring and returns to throwing his shoulder into Punk’s mid-section.   Punk is able to climb to the top turnbuckle but before Punk is able to jump, Brock punches him, takes Punk by the head and throws him clear across the ring.  The brutal strength of Lesnar is just fascinating as he makes it all seem so effortless!  Brock continues to focus on the mid-section of Punk by kicking him as Paul Heyman watches ringside with a devious smile on his face.  Brock gets Punk back into the corner and immediately these two begin pushing against each other’s faces, stretching them out in pain although Punk is the only one making us aware he is in pain.  If Brock is, he certainly didn’t show it.  Punk is finally able to break Brock’s hold on him by punching Brock several times in the face.  Punk gets a kick in the mid-section of Brock’s before Brock yet again puts Punk in the corner and throws his shoulder repeatedly into the mid-section of Punk! This occurs two more times before Brock decides to switch it up a bit and applies pressure to the chest of CM Punk.  Brock does a little trash talking – or yelling in his case – at Punk telling him “This is MY house!”  As Brock is about to put Punk in the corner once again, Punk kicks Lesnar and as he stumbles back, Punk hits Brock with a High Knee to the face.  Punk connects another High Knee to Brock which sends him out of the ring.  Punk runs and leaps in between the ropes and onto Lesnar while Paul Heyman watches nervously on the opposite side of the ring.  Punk removes one of the steel steps to hit Lesnar with it but as he steps up to do so, Lesnar throws his body into the steps and Punk’s head hits the steps.  Brock grabs Punk and hits him with a few knees to the mid-section before setting up for the F5.  As Brock has Punk on his shoulders, Punk is able to maneuver his way out and throws Brock face first into the ring post!  Punk climbs up onto the top turnbuckle and jumps onto Lesnar.  Punk then jumps off of announce team’s table and onto Lesnar!  Punk then sets his sights on Paul Heyman who falls as he is trying to get away from Punk.  As soon as Punk gets his hands on Heyman, Lesnar comes charging full speed and punches Punk’s back.  Lesnar kicks Punk in the mid-section and throws him into not one but both announce tables!  Lesnar takes the top cover off one of the announce tables, places it on Punk’s back and steps on it, breaking it in half and inflicting pain on Punk.  Paul Heyman is laughing at the sight of Brock’s destruction on Punk.  Brock hits Punk with a Suplex before throwing him back into the ring and Brock quickly following.  Punk is able to hit Lesnar with kicks to the mid-section before Brock punches Punk so hard that he goes flying face first onto the mat.

Punk is able to get up and walks to the corner of the ring but Lesnar quickly gets up, turns Punk around and hits Punk in the mid-section with his shoulder. Lesnar then takes Punk into the center of the ring and puts him in a Bear Hug Lock which further increases the pain Punk is feeling in his rib and mid-section.  Punk is able to break the Bear Hug Lock by throwing his elbow into Brock’s face several times.  Punk bumps the ropes and Brock catches Punk with a knee to the mid-section.  Paul Heyman screams at Punk to stay down in which Brock keeps Punk down by connecting his knee to Punk’s knee.  Then Brock pushes Punk’s face down as he is continuing to dig his knee into Punk’s mid-section until the referee breaks it up.  Brock then picks Punk up and puts him in another Bear Hug Lock as Paul Heyman looking on, once again showing his approval by once again wearing that devious smile.  Punk throws his elbows one by one behind him towards Brock’s face in order to break the Bear Hug Lock.  Punk is able to get out of the hold and punches Brock in the face followed by a kick to the mid-section.  Punk makes his way up onto the top turnbuckle where he jumps and Brock catches him and throws him down hard onto the mat.  Paul Heyman is instructing Brock to “finish him” and “show him who is The Beast”.  Brock picks up Punk and connects Punk’s rib to his knee twice.  Brock tries to pin Punk not once, not twice, but three times – all to which Punk kicks out at two each time.

As Brock puts Punk into a Headlock, The WWE Universe get behind him by chanting his name as loud as they can.  This motivates Punk as he hits Brock with elbows to his mid-section to break the hold and then does the unthinkable: he bites Brock’s ear!  Punk resumes his focus on the mid-section by kicking it several times followed by connecting his forearm to Brock’s face several times.  Punk once again climbs onto the top turnbuckle and you can see Brock is a little out of it as he staggers and falls to one knee on the mat.  This time, Punk successfully connects with Brock as he jumps off the top turnbuckle.  Brock is now in the corner of the ring in which Punk connects a High Knee to his face.  Punk then goes to the opposite corner of the ring, runs and connects another High Knee to Brock’s face.  Punk tries to go for a third High Knee which Lesnar counters but Punk is able to connect a Round House Kick to Lesnar’s face!  Punk again goes for the top rope, jumps and connects with Lesnar, tries to pin The Beast but he kicks out two.  Punk announces it’s time to “Go To Sleep” but Brock immediately counters and puts Punk in a F5 who counters and hits Brock with another Round House Kick that knocks Brock down.  Punk then tries to set up the GTS but Brock gets off Punk’s shoulders and hits him with The Kimono.  Brock then brings Punk down to the mat and Punk immediately locks in an Armbar and hits Brock in the face repeatedly with his leg.  Brock tries to counter and immediately ends up in a Triangle.  Brock is able to get on his feet with Punk holding on and hits Punk with a Powerbomb but Punk still does not let go of his hold.  Brock hits Punk with another Powerbomb, this time resulting in Punk breaking the hold.  Brock then pins Punk who kicks out at two.

The fans are going crazy with “This is awesome!” chants at the sight of this incredible match.  Brock hits Punk with a Suplex three times along with a forearm to the face.  He tries to pin Punk but Punk kicks put at two.  Brock leaves the ring, makes his way to where Lilian Garcia is sitting and grabs a chair to take back into the ring with him.  As he turns around, Punk is on the top turnbuckle, jumps and Brock holds up the chair which hits them both; Punk in the ribs and Brock in the head.  Punk now has possession of the chair and hits Brock in the back with it twice.  Both men make their way back into the ring and now Brock has possession of the chair.  As Brock is about to hit Punk with it, Punk hits Brock in between the legs with a low blow.  Punk takes control of the chair and climbs up to the top turnbuckle with it in hand.  He jumps off the top turnbuckle and connects the chair with Lesnar’s face.  He then pins Brock who kicks out at two.  Punk hits Brock with the chair twice and as he is about to hit Brock once again, Paul catches the chair.  Punk grabs Paul’s tie and Brock gets up and sets Punk up for the F5, but Punk will not let go of Paul’s tie.  Both men are screaming at Punk to let go but he refuses, which results in Brock having to forfeit his attempt at the F5.  As Brock does this, Punk successfully connects the GTS onto Brock, pins and Paul breaks up the pin at two and punches Punk several times in the back.  As Punk sets his eyes on Paul, Paul is able to get out of the ring and as Punk is distracted, Brock tries to hit Punk with the F5 but Punk counters with an incredible DDT!  Punk pins Brock but Brock kicks out at two.

Punk puts Brock in a Headlock and Paul comes into the ring with the chair to hit Punk but Punk breaks his hold and sets his attention to Heyman.  Punk has his foot on the chair Paul brought into the ring, preventing him from picking it up.  Punk punches Heyman in the face and puts him in a Headlock.  Brock breaks this up by hitting Punk in the back with the chair three times, followed by the F5 onto the chair and the pin.

Winner: Brock Lesnar


The ruthless aggression both The Best and The Beast inflicted on one another, pushing their bodies to the limits, and the entertainment value – including Heyman – provided just made it one of my all-time favorite matches.  I strongly encourage you to watch it for yourselves.  It really sucks you in, investing all of your attention into it that you’re screaming and hollering right along with the fans who had the privilege of seeing it live.  I wouldn’t be surprised that after watching it yourselves, it will become one of your all-time favorites as well.

This match and pay-per-view, among many others, are available to watch on The WWE Network for only $9.99 a month!


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