WWE crowns a new WWE Champion/Rematch to occur on Smackdown Live!


From what I can recall, this is a first! The main event on Monday Night Raw had everyone, and I mean everyone, confused and uncertain as to what just occurred.

During the final moments of the WWE Championship match, Seth Rollins hit Dean Ambrose with a Suplex off the top turnbuckle. This resulted in a three count and there was a winner, but no one could decide which one of the two was victorious.  The way Seth hit Dean and the way Dean caught him, it was hard to see which Superstar was pinning who.  Stephanie McMahon declared Seth Rollins as the winner and that didn’t sit well with Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan and especially Dean Ambrose.

It was made known to The WWE Universe earlier this afternoon that a rematch for the WWE Championship will take place at Smackdown Live this evening.  I pray, pray, pray, pray that the way this match ended last night doesn’t happen again tonight.  IT CAN’T.  These two men may be drafted to different brands, never to encounter one another again but you never know!

Tune into this rematch along with Smackdown Live and the WWE Draft tonight at 8pm ET on the USA Network!


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