General Manager of Raw and Smackdown Live revealed!

The announcement of the General Managers for both RAW and Smackdown Live have been made and boy, are they wonderful choices!

Stephanie, of course, butted ahead of Shane and announced not only that RAW will have sole ownership of the Cruiserweight division, but also announced her selection for RAW General Manager as well.  That General Manager is a former GM of RAW, 3x WWF Champion, 1x Hardcore Champion and 8x Tag Team Champion and Hall of Famer, Mick Foley!


Mick came out and addressed The WWE Universe.  He first thanked Stephanie for the opportunity to reprise his role as GM and stated that this new era going on within WWE reminds him of The Attitude Era.  He continued on to say that this feud RAW will have with Smackdown Live reminds him of the feuds that occurred in Monday Night Wars.  Foley stated that the ruthlessness and aggression he had as a competitor will certainly be revived in his role of our Raw General Manager.  Before handing over the stage – or in our case, mat – to Shane, he told The WWE Universe to “Have a Nice Day!”

Shane then took center stage to announce his pick for General Manager of Smackdown Live.  His pick is a former WWE Champion, former Intercontinental Champion, former Tag Team Champion and 3x World Heavyweight Champion.  He is our favorite underdog and the leader The Yes Movement, Daniel Bryan!


The WWE Universe was so excited for the return of their beloved Daniel Bryan. Bryan is so excited to be back and to begin his new role as General Manager of Smackdown Live.  Bryan promised to put the needs of the WWE Superstars and the fans first above all else.  He acknowledge that the fans were apart of all his Championship accomplishments and that goes for Smackdown Live as well.

Later on, both General Managers spoke alone in private. They not only acknowledge their respect for one another, but also the fact that they will have no fear in competing with one another to be the dominant brand.  As time goes on, we’ll see who indeed is the more successful of the two.



I love the selections Shane and Stephanie made for General Manager of their perspective brands. Daniel Bryan has been The WWE Universe’s prediction for the Smackdown Live brand since this draft was announced, and I’m happy to see that rumor turned out to be true.  Bryan is seriously the voice of The WWE Universe, who loves this industry with all of his being and loves the fans even more, so there was no better choice than Bryan.  I am surprised Stephanie went with Foley, as I thought she would pick someone conniving and vindictive like herself, but Foley balances that out.  He’s well-loved by The WWE Universe and has made some amazing decisions as RAW’s GM in the past, so I have no doubt he’ll do the same moving forward.


What are your thoughts on Shane and Stephanie’s picks for General Manager? Let me know by leaving a comment below!



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