Instagram Photo of the Week (07.16.16)

This week’s Instagram Photo of the Week comes from one half of The Dudley Boyz, D-Von Dudley.

We have all seen the horror consume our television, the air waves and every newspaper of the deaths caused by racism and hate.  It has separated many as they fight for one side but there are also many who fight for all, for equality, and for unity.  D-Von and his brother Bubba Ray are two of these individuals who fight for all as D-Von posted this photo on his Instagram page last Sunday.

We all need to come together, to look past the color of each other’s skin, and live this beautiful life to the fullest.  We only get one opportunity at life, so why fill it with hate?  I hope as the days move forward from the tragedies that have occurred, we can all come together and show each other nothing but compassion, love and humanity.  The world truly needs it now more than ever.

Be sure to follow D-Von Dudley (@testifydevon) as well as myself (@wwebloggingbetty) on Instagram!


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