Flashback Friday (07.15.16)

Throughout WWE’s history, we’ve witnessed so many entertaining and historic matches. There have been moments where we laughed, celebrated to the point where the noise ordinance was broken, and shocked us to the point where we were left speechless.  I want to honor these amazing moments and those who created them by creating a new blog segment called Flashback Friday.

summerslam89On this week’s Flashback Friday, we go allllll the way back to 1989 for the second annual SummerSlam pay-per-view taking place in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  Today, we relive The Honky Tonk Man taking on “The American Dream”, Dusty Rhodes!

The Honky Tonk Man comes out to the ring accompanied by “The Mouth from the South” Jimmy Hart with Dusty Rhodes coming out to the ring shortly after. The Honky Tonk Man begins to break out some dance moves in the ring, which Jimmy Hart further encourages him by saying “Show them how you dance” in his megaphone.   Whether Dusty felt Jimmy was talking to him or wanted to show the fans what he was made of, Dusty busted out some moves!  He got the fans going and the match quickly began by the two gentlemen locking arms.   With arms still locked, Dusty gets Honky Tonk into the corner of the ring.  The referee breaks up the Armlock and Dusty walks away.  While Dusty’s back is turned, Honky Tonk goes charging at him but Dusty hits Honky Tonk with a Back Drop.  As soon as Dusty was about to hit The Honky Tonk Man with an Elbow, Honky Tonk rolls out of the ring and joins Jimmy Hart ringside.  The referee begins to count out Honky Tonk who rolls back into the ring at three.  Dusty gets Honky Tonk’s arm and puts it in an Armbar, putting pressure on it with his elbow!  Jimmy Hart is talking to Honky Tonk through his megaphone, trying to motivate him in hopes of getting him out of the Armbar.  Dusty breaks the lock up himself so he could take his hands and viciously rub them in Honky Tonk’s hair!  Anyone and everyone who knows Honky Tonk knows you neeeevvvveeerrrr mess with his hair!  This infuriated Honky Tonk to no one’s suprirse and goes to punch Dusty in the face who counters and hits Honky Tonk with an Atomic Drop followed by an Elbow to the face.  Dusty puts Honky Tonk into the corner of the ring, gets his feet on the second rope and hits Honky Tonk with ten punches, with the fans counting each one.  Dusty then gets ahold of Honky Tonk’s ankle and begins twisting it, putting some very uncomfortable pressure on his leg.  Jimmy is speaking to Honky Tonk through the megaphone once again trying to motivate Honky Tonk out of the maneuver.  Dusty is annoyed by this and tells Jimmy to shut up, which of course Jimmy ignores and keeps on talking.  Clearly, Jimmy’s motivational words worked as Honky Tonk is able to punch Dusty and put him in headlock.  Honky Tonk punches Dusty’s head twice but on the third strike, Dusty is able to counter.  Dusty then puts Honky Tonk into a headlock and punches The Honky Tonk Man.  Dusty then bumps the ropes, Honky Tonk ducks and Dusty jumps over him going to bump the ropes again but Jimmy Hart interferes and grabs his leg.  Dusty goes out of the ring and after Jimmy gets done doing what he does best – talking – to the fans, he turns around to see Dusty behind him.  He quickly walks away from Dusty who is following him and makes a beeline to into the ring!  Jimmy threw down his megaphone and the referee had to step in between Jimmy and Dusty.  At this time, The Honky Tonk Man got his hands on Jimmy’s megaphone to use at the opportune time.  This opportune time occurred just seconds later, as Dusty turns his back on a distracted referee and is hit in the mid-section with the megaphone.  Honky Tonk throws the megaphone out of the ring, pins Dusty but Dusty kicks out at two.

Honky Tonk kicks Dusty in his mid-section to the point where Dusty falls next to the ropes and Honky Tonk continues by kicking his side. The referee breaks it up and as the referee is distracted, Jimmy pushes Dusty’s head down on the apron then walks away before the referee notices what happened.  Honky Tonk then puts Dusty in a Reverse Chin Lock which Dusty rallies up the fans by throwing up his arms several times.  Dusty is able to get out of the Reverse Chin Lock with an elbow to Honky Tonk’s mid-section.  Dusty once again bumps the ropes and The Honky Tonk Man catches him with a knee to the mid-section.  Dusty falls to the mat, barreling in pain.  Honky Tonk hits Dusty with a Double Ax Handle Blow to the back with Jimmy Hart verbally applauding Tonk’s actions through the megaphone.  Honky Tonk then puts Dusty in a Sleeperhold which results in Dusty falling lifeless on the mat.  The referee begins to lift Dusty’s arm which falls twice but on the third, Dusty keeps it up.  Although Dusty is still in the Sleeperhold, Dusty gets to his knees and once to his feet, he is able to punch Honkey Tonk in the mid-section.  Dusty then picks The Honky Tonk Man up, slams him on the mat, tries to connect an Elbow Drop but Honky Tonk moves out of the way.  The Honky Tonk man tries to pin Dusty but he kicks out at one.

The Honky Tonk Man puts Dusty back into a Reverse Chin Lock and Dusty is able to get up and get Honky Tonk into the corner of the ring. He hits Honky Tonk with blows to the mid-section using his shoulder and Honky Tonk kicks Dusty’s mid-section in order to get out of the corner of the ring.  Dusty and Honky Tonk exchange punches.  Dusty is then taking the lead, punching a wobbly Honky Tonk Man and hits him with a Double Shot to the head.  Dusty takes Honky Man and puts him in the corner of the ring; Dusty goes charging at Honky Tonk but Honky Tonk moves and Dusty hits the ring post.  Honky Tonk then tosses Dusty out of the corner of the ring and goes colliding into the referee.  With the referee down, The Honky Man sees this as the perfect opportunity to get the upper hand in the match.  He kicks Dusty in the head, picks him up and instructs Jimmy to get his guitar.  Jimmy does as he’s told and as he goes to hit Dusty, he moves and ends up hitting The Honky Tonk Man instead!  The Honky Tonk Man falls down flat on the mat which Dusty takes this as a perfect opportunity to hit him with an Elbow followed by the pin.

Winner: Dusty Rhodes


This was such an entertaining match. It’s undeniable how these men became legends in the industry as their personas were larger than life.

This match and pay-per-view, among many others, are available to watch on The WWE Network for only $9.99 a month!


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