The Commission of Smackdown and Monday Night Raw announced

Well, we finally know who will be in charge of running Smackdown as well as Monday Night Raw!   Not only that, but we heard it from the very mouth of WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon!


The WWE Universe and locker room know when Vince McMahon is in town, something serious is about to go down. Monday Night Raw was no exception as Mr. McMahon had come to Detroit, Michigan to announce who he had chosen as Commissioner of Smackdown.  Accompanied by his children Shane and Stephanie McMahon, he told them both how disappointed he was in their civil union running Monday Night Raw together.  He wanted backstabbing, blood spilt, throats slit and most importantly, he wanted competition.  So Mr. McMahon had his children fight for the position (not physically! Verbally) telling him why they should be the one to run Smackdown.  After each case had been addressed, Vince McMahon asked for a drum roll so he could clearly think about his decision.  After some time, he announced that the Commission of Smackdown would be his son, Shane McMahon!

The WWE Universe erupted in cheers, applause and “Shane O’Mac” chants which was then quickly followed by boos when Vince McMahon announced that his daughter Stephanie would run Monday Night Raw.  After both Shane and Stephanie had their moments of celebration, their father informed them he wants them to really compete: compete for ratings, attendance, merchandise sales, and social media buzz.  Mr. McMahon also informed Shane and Stephanie that they will need to select a General Manager to assist them with the day-to-day tasks which they will need to have one selected by next Monday Night Raw.  If they don’t, one will be appointed by Mr. McMahon himself.  The show ended with Stephanie spewing trash talk at her brother followed by a slap to the face.


I love where Mr. McMahon’s head is. Who doesn’t love a good sibling rivalry?  I’m curious to see who Shane and Stephanie choose as their brand’s General Manager next week!  Rumors have been flying all throughout The WWE Universe that Daniel Bryan as well as Eric Bischoff are possible candidates for GM.  Frankly, I’d be happy with either one, or both!  I can’t wait to find out next Monday!

What are your thoughts on Shane and Stephanie’s new roles? Who do you think would be the perfect GM for each brand?  Please let me know by leaving a comment below!


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