Superstar Tweet of the Week (07.10.16)

This week’s Superstar Tweet of the Week comes from The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles.

On this week’s Monday Night Raw, each member of The Club discussed what they would be doing to celebrate the 4th of July holiday.  Gallows, Anderson and Styles informed everyone, including John Cena, of their plans and each of their plans ended with “Beat up John Cena!”  Styles told Cena anywhere he was, The Club would also be there to beat him up.  “Beat up John Cena” quickly became a meme and statement The WWE Universe began utilizing in every way possible.  Even AJ Styles himself began using it in his tweets, just like this one from Thursday.


HAHAHA I love it!  And so does rest of The WWE Universe.  Now I just have to find a way where I can throw out “Beat up John Cena” in a hashtag or sentence…

You can follow AJ Styles (@AJStylesOrg) as well as myself (@wweblogginbetty) on Twitter!


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