Flashback Friday (07.08.16)

badbloodThis week’s Flashback Friday takes place at the Bad Blood pay-per-view that was held on June 13, 2004 in Columbus, OH.  I’m excited to announce that this is the first Flashback Friday blog post I’ve written that all of the opponents are women!   After your intrigue in this match has set in, I’m sure you’re wondering why I said “all” and not just “opponents” and there is an answer for that.  The answer being is this is not a one-on-one match or a Triple Threat match, it’s a Fatal 4Way!  Yes, you read right! This is a Fatal 4Way where the current Womens Champion Victoria puts her title on the line against Lita, Trish Stratus and Gail Kim!

The show starts off with Trish Stratus making her way to the ring, accompanied by Tyson Tomko. Gail Kim is next time to come out followed by The Womens Champion Victoria then Lita.  All four women are in the ring and Trish becomes the focus of her opponents.  She quickly gets out of the ring where then the focus is now on Gail Kim. Lita and Victoria team up to try and hit Gail with a Double Clothesline which Gail is able to counter but Victoria is successful in connecting a Clothesline to Gail the second attempt. As Victoria continues to hit Gail with Clotheslines and chops to the chest, Lita makes her way out of the ring to work on Trish Stratus. Lita and Trish exchange punches before Tyson gets in between them, stopping Lita from further punching Trish. Back in the ring, Victoria throws Gail over her and then hits her with a Body Slam. Victoria does a little booty shake before she does a back flip onto Gail, who is laying flat on the mat. Victoria attempts to pin Gail to retain her title but both Lita and Trish break up the pin.

Lita then begins to punch Gail in the corner of the ring while Trish throws Victoria outside of the ring. Trish then pulls Lita off of Gail so she can begin punching her. After Gail hits Trish in the mid-section with her knee, Lita runs and uses Trish’s back to step over her and hit Gail with a Clotheslines. Gail rolls out of the ring in pain, leaving Trish and Lita to duke it out. Punches are exchanged between the two before Trish hits Lita in the mid-section with her knee. She tries to Lita in the face but Lita is able to move out of the way just in time. Lita then rolls Trish up, does a Bridge Maneuver and as the referee begins to count, Tyson pulls Lita off of Trish by grabbing and pulling her head. The referee notices Tyson’s interference and throws him out from being ringside! The ref told Tyson that if he doesn’t leave, he will immediately disqualify Trish from the match. Tyson leaves and as Trish watches him walk away, Lita grabs Trish by the hair and hits her with the Twist of Fate. As Lita pins, Gail breaks it up.

Victoria then makes her way back into the ring and kicks Gail in the mid-section followed by a Sidewalk Slam. Victoria pins Gail but Lita breaks the pin at two. As Lita is making her way to Victoria, Trish rolls Lita up but Lita kicks out of her pin at two. Lita punches Trish then grabs Trish’s head by her legs and flips Trish! Trish rolls out of the ring and Gail quickly tries to put Lita in her signature maneuver but Victoria breaks the hold. Victoria slaps Gail in the face and after Gail bumps the ropes, she hooks in her signature maneuver, The Satellite Maneuver, on the Womens Champion. Trish breaks it up and then the two women go at it by slapping each other. Gail then tries to put Trish in a Sleeper Hold but Victoria breaks it up. Victoria and Lita begin throwing punches at one another which then leads to Victoria flipping Lita above her. Lita then throws Victoria into the corner of the ring and as Lita is charging at her, Victoria does the same which results in an ugly collision. Victoria, clearly in pain, rolls out of the mat and Gail makes her way back in, making them the only two opponents in the ring. Gail goes charging at Lita, who is in the corner of the ring at this time, but Lita counters and hits Gail with an elbow to the face. Lita tries to pin Gail but Gail kicks out at two.

Lita then connects two Clotheslines back to back on Gail. Gail is able to throw Lita in the corner of the ring, where she goes running at Lita but Lita moves, resulting in Gail hitting the ring post so hard, so almost fell out of the ring entirely! Lita pulls Gail back in and connects an amazing (and I mean amazing) DDT to Gail. Lita is about to pin Gail which surely would have resulted in a victory, however Trish sneaks back into the ring and rolls Lita up and pins Lita to become a 5x Womens Champion!

Winner: Trish Stratus


What a sneaky little minx! Trish struck at the most opportune time to become the first 5x Womens Champion. Clearly, all the women were upset (Gail couldn’t because she was laying their practically lifeless on the mat) except for Trish, of course. Trish had a deviously happy smile painted across her face as she held the Womens Championship high above her.

This match and pay-per-view, among many others, are available to watch on The WWE Network for only $9.99 a month!


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