Xavier Woods warns Kofi Kingston and Big E about The Wyatt Family


The Wyatt Family is no laughing matter. These individuals – Bray Wyatt, Erik Rowan, Braun Strowman and Luke Harper – are dangerous.  Although they resemble backwood folks with their appearance, they are sharp.  Not just their intellect but with their words as well.  Every word they say, every promise or every threat that comes out of their mouth, The Wyatt Family backs it up in the ring.  The Wyatt Family has made their intentions known to every prey they’ve ever set their eyes on and The New Day is no different.

Since The Wyatt Family returned to action last month, The New Day welcomed them back with enthusiasm and powers of positivity. The Wyatt Family didn’t reciprocate it that way, and instead have now focused on sinking their teeth into the 2x Tag Team Champions.   This hasn’t sunk in with The New Day with the exception of Xavier Woods.  Xavier interrupted the shenanigans taking place on Monday Night Raw to warn Kofi and Big E about the risk of further antagonizing The Wyatt Family.  The New Day immediately accepted the invitation to fight at The Wyatt Compound, on their turf where they have the advantage.  Woods stated it’s been all fun and games until now and if they don’t see the danger and the threat The Wyatt Family is to them, they may not be able to survive.

Woods left the ring, allowing his words to soak in with Kofi and Big E. Hopefully they do, as his urgency on this matter is a matter of life and death (extreme…I know…but it’s The Wyatt Family we’re talking about here!).  I’m also hopeful that Kofi and Big E will get on the same page as Woods and get serious.  Only time will tell if they do.


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