NXT Match of the Month (June 2016)

With the weekly airings of Monday Night Raw and Smackdown along with monthly pay-per-views, we are bound to witness one match that outshines the rest.  One match that has you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, thrashing your body around in excitement, and screaming in happiness, anger or anxiety throughout the entire match.  It leaves your heart pounding and any word off the tip of your tongue that night is about that match.  That match will be featured in this *NEW* blog segment titled NXT Match of the Month!


NXT Match of the Month took place at NXT TakeOver: The End on Wednesday, June 8th.  This was already built up to be a history-making event for NXT and this match happened to be the one to kick off the show. “The Perfect 10” Ty Dillinger goes one-on-one with Andrade “Cien” Almas, who made his NXT debut this same night.

Ty Dillinger came out first, wearing what looked like an intergalactic coat with the number 10 in bold on the back. The NXT Universe was immediately getting behind him all while chanting “10” from the moment he walked out until the moment Andrade “Cien” Almas’ music hit.  Once it did, a young handsome man wearing a top hat and feather, suspenders, pants and boots – all in white – came out with so much enthusiasm!  Almas’ enthusiasm was contagious that The NXT Universe, not knowing him with the exception of the vignettes NXT aired regarding his debut, got behind him as well.  Although drawn to the new member of the NXT roster, the fans were still supporting Dillinger with “10” chants being thrown his way.  After Almas took off his hat and suspenders, exposing blue and white printed tights, the match was on its way.

The NXT Universe continued to back Dillinger with chants of “Let’s go, Ty” filling the room. A Takedown occurs to Almas by Dillinger, who then reverses and does a Takedown on Dillinger, who then reverses and does a Takedown on Almas.  This continued several times before it ended in a stare down between the two.  The fans showed their enjoyment by clapping and cheering.  Dillinger gets an Armlock locked in on Almas who immediately gets out of it but a Takedown by Dillinger quickly occurs.  Dillinger attempts to pin Almas for the win but Almas kicks out at one.  Almas attempts to do a Leg Sweep on Dillinger but Dillinger counters, doing a cartwheel and landing on his feet flashing his fingers in a “10” motion, which then The NXT Universe begins to chant.  A strength test occurred between the two men that resulted in Dillinger taking Almas’ arm and pinning it to the mat with his elbow.  Dillinger then puts Almas into an Armbar which Almas tries to get to the ropes in order for the referee to break it up but Dillinger pulls him back to the center of the ring.  Almas is able to get out of the Armbar by flipping over it, putting Dillinger into the Armbar and getting Dillinger into the corner of the ring.  The NXT Universe begins chanting “He’s 100!” referring to Almas since “Cien” means “100” in Spanish (Something I did not know! Then again, I don’t speak Spanish so that would be reason why I didn’t know that HAHA).  Almas bumps ropes to hit Dillinger but Dillinger jumps over Almas.  Dillinger then bumps the ropes to hit Almas but then Almas ducks, preventing from being hit.  Almas and Dillinger take turns doing this until Dillinger ducks and Almas hits Dillinger with a Double Kick to the ribs, which The NXT Universe cheer in response.  Dillinger recovers and tries connecting a Clothesline to Almas who dodges it.  Almas gets into the position where he’s able to grab Dillinger’s ankles, flips Dillinger over which sends Dillinger flying outside of the ring.  Ty takes this moment to recover and regain composure before he heads back into the ring.  As Dillinger makes his way back into the ring, Andrade bumps the ropes and begins running towards Dillinger who moves and Almas counters landing on the ropes, in a horizontal pose with a large smile on his face.  NXT Commentator Corey Graves sarcastically called it a “GQ Shoot” which the fans, including myself, ate it up!  Dillinger and Almas continually locked arms with one another until Almas gets the upper hand and throws Dillinger into the corner of the ring.  Almas goes running at Dillinger who tosses Almas over him, thinking he would land outside of the ring but Almas instead does a handstand on the top turnbuckle!  Almas gets down, landing feet first on the apron.  Dillinger tries to hit Almas in the mid-section but Almas flips into the ring in time to miss it from connecting.  Almas then goes running towards Dillinger which Dillinger catches Almas and connects a Tilt-A-World Backbreaker followed by the attempt to pin Almas for the win but Almas kicks out at one.  At this time, Dillinger picks up momentum in the match, hitting Almas in the back with his knees followed by chops to the chest.  Dillinger then hoists Almas up onto the top turnbuckle by his waist and wraps his arm around Almas’ neck but he breaks the hold by punching Dillinger in the mid-section.  Almas then connects his elbow to Dillinger’s face which sends Dillinger falling onto the mat.  Almas does a Moonsault off the top rope to connect with Dillinger but Dillinger rolls over to prevent it from connecting.  Almas has a trick up his sleeve as once he lands on his feet, he does a flip onto Ty, landing on top of him and attempts to pin him but Ty kicks out at two.  That was without a doubt my favorite part of the match!  It was too cool!  Even The NXT Universe was screaming and cheering in excitement along with me!  Almas is shocked that he didn’t successfully pin Dillinger at two but he gets right back up and keeps on swinging!  And by swinging, I mean elbows to the face of Dillinger and getting him cornered in the ring.  Almas then backs up, goes charging at Dillinger who flips Almas over him and once again, Almas does a handstand on the top turnbuckle. This time however, Dillinger hits Almas with a nasty Superkick to the face which sends Almas falling to the mat.  Dillinger then attempts to pin Almas but he kicks out at two.  The NXT Universe is so enthralled with this match that chants of – pardon the French – “Holy Shit!” filled Full Sail University.  Both men are staggering to get up, with Dillinger being the first.  He then brings down his knee pad, exposing the second knee pad and decides to pull that one down which exposes his bare knee!  This is setting up for his signature move, The Ty Breaker, to Almas’ back but Almas is able to counter it.  This allows Almas to do a Cartwheel which ends with his knees striking Dillinger’s back.   Almas takes Dillinger by the waist, bumps the rope and flips Dillinger where he lands face first into the mat.  Dillinger ends up in the corner of the ring where Almas runs at Dillinger with Double Knees to the face.  Almas then pins Dillinger.

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas


Guys, this match stole the show at NXT TakeOver: The End.  Andrade had the best NXT debut to date in my opinion.  He’s athletically gifted and incredibly charismatic – and he didn’t even say a word!  Almas is certainly one to watch in NXT, and so is Dillinger.  He has truly shined since becoming a singles competitor and is really living up to his name of “The Perfect 10”.

If you guys missed NXT TakeOver: The End or want to relive the excitement of this match, it is available to re-watch again and again on The WWE Network as well as HuluPlus!


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