Match of the Month (June 2016)

With the weekly airings of Monday Night Raw and Smackdown along with monthly pay-per-views, we are bound to witness one match that outshines the rest.  One match that has you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, thrashing your body around in excitement, and screaming in happiness, anger or anxiety throughout the entire match.  It leaves your heart pounding and any word off the tip of your tongue that night is about that match.  That match will be featured in this *NEW* blog segment titled Match of the Month!


June’s Match of the Month takes place on the June 16th edition of Smackdown.  This match resulted in AJ Styles being at the receiving end of Xavier Woods’ insults regarding his style (or lack their of) and haircut.  AJ challenged Xavier to a match, in which originally Kofi and Big E laughed it off but Xavier said he hadn’t had a one-on-one match “in a minute” and happily accepted the challenge.  Later that night, we would witness AJ Styles vs Xavier Woods.

AJ Styles made his way out to the ring followed by Xavier Woods. Xavier was accompanied by his brothers in The New Day as they were seeing him off to his first solo match in several months.  In the beginning of the match, AJ had primary control.  During this time, Styles made trash talking remarks about John Cena, who he would meet in the ring for his match at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view that Sunday.  He did the “You can’t see me” hand gesture along with comments that he was better than Cena and everyone else.  Styles threw punches at Woods and even tried to hit him with a Clothesline twice, but Woods was able to dodge them both.  At this time, Woods was able to pick up a little momentum by slapping Styles across the face while Styles attempted to connect the second Clothesline.  Woods took Styles into the corner of the ring and began hitting him with chops to the chest.  Woods tried to flip Styles over the rope but Styles is able to land on the apron feet first instead.  Styles flips back in and attempts to throw Woods into the corner of the ring which Woods flips over Styles when Styles went to tackle him in the corner.  Woods then goes to attack Styles but Styles connects his shoulder into Woods’ knee which sends Woods down immediately.  It was obvious Woods was in a significant amount of pain which Styles tried to take advantage of but the referee kept pushing him away.  The referee at one point became very angry as he was trying to check on Woods to make sure he could continue to compete and Styles was trying to get his hands on him.   Once Woods gave the okay that he was able to continue the match, Styles did an immediate Leg Sweep on Woods, sending him right back down to the mat.  AJ kicks the injured knee and grabs Woods’ ankle to pull him into the center of the ring, but Woods is able to grab onto the bottom rope and kick Styles’ off of him.  Woods gets up and kicks Styles in the face with Woods landing awkwardly due to the injury to his knee.  As The WWE Universe got behind Woods, chanting “New Days Rocks!”, Woods picked up a little bit of momentum before Styles is able to get Woods into the corner of the ring.  Styles threw chops to Woods before the ref began to count and Styles stopped at three, immediately grabbing Woods’ head by his hair and slamming his head into the top turnbuckle.  Styles hits Woods with a Corner Clotheslines and attempts to pin Woods but Woods kicks out at two.  Styles locks in a Sleeperhold which Woods is able to get out of by kicking Styles in the mid-section.  Styles hits Woods with a Pendulum Backbreaker and then places Woods on the top turnbuckle.  Woods hits Styles with several punches to his mid-section before pushing him off the top turnbuckle.  At this time, Woods is able to gain control of the match, connecting a Crossbody Splash to Styles.  Woods hits Styles with several elbows to the face and kicks AJ’s leg, which sends him landing in between the ropes.  A Reverted Suplex was connected to AJ and an attempt to throw him over the top rope resulted in AJ landing feet first on the apron.  Woods runs and kicks AJ which then sends Styles flying off the apron.  Woods then runs, flips over the top rope and successfully lands on Styles.  Wood throws Styles back into the ring and attempts to pin him for the win but Styles kicks out at two.  Woods then attempts to put Styles on the top turnbuckle but AJ throws several punches at Woods and is able to get his feet on the apron.  Styles takes Woods’ head and snaps it on the top rope.  AJ connects a Phenomenal Forearm to Woods then announces to The WWE Universe “This is what I’m going to do to John Cena” and rolls Woods into a Calf Crusher on the injured knee resulting in Woods tapping out in incredible pain.

Winner: AJ Styles


It really has been a minute since Xavier Woods has wrestled independently and this match against AJ Styles was a wonderful reminder as to the reason why Woods is a member of the WWE roster.  If you have HuluPlus and have the opportunity to re-watch it, I highly recommend you do.  It was not only entertaining but you really see the athletic agility of Woods shine.

What match would YOU choose as June’s Match of the Month?  Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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