Austin Aries turns Heel

austinariesnxt“No way, Jose!” is what you may be thinking after reading the title of this blog post, but it is true. The NXT Universe witnessed a Heel turn from Austin Aries on one of NXT’s beloved Superstars

After No Way Jose’s match with Josh Wood, Austin Aries came out to thank Jose for reminding him of who he really was and that NXT was all about having fun. After shaking hands, Austin was about to leave the ring when Jose invited him to have a little fun and dance!  Austin Aries first politely declined but then the music got to him and before the NXT Universe knew it, Aries was in full dance mode.  The dance party took place in the ring, all the way up the ramp and ended on top of the announcer’s table!  Aries interrupted the fun by hitting Jose with an elbow, immediately turning heel and sending Jose off the announcer’s table and onto the floor.  The beating continued back in the ring and onto the ramp when Aries locked in The Last Chance on Jose.  It took several referees to break apart the two Superstars.

Well, he did say Jose reminded him of who he really is. Unfortunately for Jose, it is far from being positive and having fun.


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