WWE Superstars return to Monday Night Raw

You’re bound to receive a few surprises on Monday Night Raw after a history making Money in the Bank pay-per-view.  Those surprises were the returns of some of the WWE Universe’s favorite Superstars.  Thankfully they are back, better than ever, and ready to prevail over anyone who tries to step in their way.

Bray Wyatt sustained an injury during a live show in April and had been out of action ever since. We haven’t seen the likes of Erick Rowan or Braum Strowman since Bray’s injury (Luke Harper is currently out of action due to an injury to his patella back in March) but their presence has been made known on Twitter.  The Eater of Worlds and his brothers used Twitter to continue their mind games, sending out continuous teasers of their return.  Throughout Raw, we saw vignettes teasing that something was coming.  Could it be Sister Abigail?  Could it be their return?  The question of what this could be didn’t go unanswered for very long, as Bray Wyatt came on the titantron – along with Rowan and Strowman –  blowing out the flame from his lantern and letting the WWE Universe they were here.   The fans bombarded The Wyatt Family with “Welcome Back!” chants in which he replied “Did you all miss me?” The WWE Universe responded in loud, boisterous cheers.  Bray informed us they were locked up and punished, however, they never forgot what they stood for and are as strong as they’ve ever been.  Unfortunately, The New Day interrupted Bray but he had the last laugh, ending the segment with a new chant, “New Day Falls”.  It’s the creepiest The New Day has ever been since their formation.



Just like Bray Wyatt, “The Boss” Sasha Bank sustained an injury that had sidelined her for several months.  And just like Bray, she made her return last night on Monday Night Raw.  She came to the aid of Paige who was outnumbered by Womens Champion Charlotte and her protege, Dana Brooke.  Sasha was successfully able to connect The Bank Statement on Charlotte then held up the Womens Championship in the air.  A sign of things to come, no doubt.



So how excited were you for the returns of these individuals?!  I was one of the members of the WWE Universe who was completely sucked into the mind games when they tweeting teasers at us.  I’m so thrilled they’re back and I have a haunting suspicion they will be going up against The New Day at Battleground.  As for Sasha, I knew it was only a matter of time before she returned, but it’s sooner than I thought.  I thought it would be closer to SummerSlam.  Regardless, I’m happy to have her back.  Let me know just how excited – or not – for The Wyatt Family and Sasha Bank’s return by leaving a comment below!


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