Superstar Tweet of the Week (06.19.16)

This week’s Superstar Tweet of the Week comes from former NXT Champion and 2x Intercontinental Champion, Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens is a dominant, brutal and violent force in WWE.  He insults those he feels are less superior than him (that would be everyone in the WWE locker room), keeps the fire burning in his feud against Sami Zayn, cheats and does everything he can to get where he wants to be.  He hasn’t been shy that the reason he does all of this and more is for his family.  It shows Owens has a heart and a bit of a soft side, which he allowed the WWE Universe to see on Twitter this Thursday.  Kevin Owens posted a sentimental tweet this Thursday about his daughter which course, ended with the side of Kevin Owens we’re all familiar with shining through.


How appropriate being today is Fathers Day!


Be sure to follow Kevin Owens (@FightOwensFight) as well as myself (@wweblogginbetty) on Twitter!



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