Flashback Friday (06.17.16)


Throughout WWE’s history, we’ve witnessed so many entertaining and historic matches. There have been moments where we laughed, celebrated to the point where the noise ordinance was broken, and shocked us to the point where we were left speechless.  I want to honor these amazing moments and those who created them by creating a new blog segment called Flashback Friday.

This Flashback Friday match takes place at the second and final Over The Edge pay-per-view at Kansas City, Missouri on May 23, 1999.  This Flashback Friday once again features “The Big Valbowski” Val Venus!  This time, he’s in tag team action as Val Venus and Nicole Bass face Jeff Jarrett and WWF Womens Champion Debra in a Mixed Tag Team Match!

After Jeff Jarrett and Debra, with WWF Womens Championship in arm, make their way to the ring, Val Venus shortly follows.  Before his partner joins him in the ring, Val addresses the ladies and advised the ladies of Kansas City that since Missouri is the “show me” state (although JR had corrected this via commentary stating it was New Jersey, not Missouri),  and that “if you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”  Nothing out of character for The Big Valbowski.   His partner, Nicole Bass, made her way to the ring immediately after Val Venus made his offer to the female residence of Kansas City.  Since the rules of this match stated it had to be the same sex facing off against one another, Jeff Jarrett and Val Venus kicked things off.  Although by the sound of the fans’ chant, they didn’t want to see Jarrett and Venus, they wanted to see puppies!
Val takes the lead in the beginning of the match after exchanging several punches with Jarrett.  Venus hits Jarrett with a Reverse Elbow, Elbow Drop and a Double Arm Suplex followed by a pin but Jarrett kicks out at two.  It’s not too long until Jarrett begins to dominate the match, hitting Venus a Swinging Neckbreaker and an Armbar Takedown.  Jarrett tries to pin Venus but Venus kicks out at two.  At this time, Nicole gets in the ring and is an immediate distraction to Jarrett.  Taking advantage of this distraction,  Venus hits Jarrett with a Powerslam followed by a pin but Jarrett kicks out at two.  After Jarrett gets hit with a Spinebuster, Venus tags in Nicole.  This means that Jarrett must tag in Debra, which he does.  Debra slaps Nicole in the face then jumps on her back as if trying to put her opponent in a Sleeperhold.  Nicole breaks out of this by throwing Debra into the corner of the ring.  Nicole goes charging at Debra in the corner of the ring but Debra dodges Bass, resulting in Bass goes chest first into the ring.  Debra immediately begins slamming Nicole’s head into the turnbuckle before Nicole is able to get her hands on Debra.  Somehow, Debra is able to get to Jarrett and quickly tags him.  Jarrett and Bass share words before she tags Venus.  Even before Venus is fully in the ring, Jarrett bombards Venus with punches.  Jarrett then puts Venus in a Sleeperhold, but Venus turns right into the Sleeperhold, quickly getting out of it and throwing knees to Jarrett’s mid-section.  Venus does a Russian Leg Sweep to Jarrett followed by his typical hip swiveling over a lifeless Jarrett.  He then throws several punches at Jarrett before the referee breaks it up.  Venus attempts an Elbow Drop from the top rope but Jarrett moves before it connects  Jarrett tries to pin Venus for the win but Nicole pulls Jarrett by the ankle off of Venus.  Jarrett almost backhands her but thanks to the quick thinking of the ref, he gets in between the two and the backhand doesn’t connect with Nicole.  Nicole begins flexing for the fans when Debra sneaks up behind Nicole and hits her from behind with Jarrett’s guitar!  Of course, Nicole being the largest female body builder standing at 6’3 and weighing 240 lbs., she doesn’t budge.  She immediately goes after Debra and rips off Debra’s t-shirt, exposing the puppies!  The fans to no surprise erupt in cheers and shouting at the sight of those beautiful puppies.  Jarrett tries to hit Nicole, who is focusing her attention on Debra, with the guitar but Val Venus intervenes.  Val then connects a Suplex followed by The Money Shot off the top rope.  Val Venus pins Jarrett for the win.

Winners: Val Venus and Nicole Bass

Val holds up Nicole’s hand in victory as the fans cheered.  Nicole decided she wanted to celebrate their victory by dipping Venus and planting a huge kiss on him!  He fell and looked surprised but soon looked pleasantly surprised as the wide eyes were soon joined by an overly large smile.  As large and as beastly of a woman Nicole Bass is, she’s still a woman and knows how to please a man, as Val was undeniably pleased with that kiss.


You can watch this match and many more on The WWE Network for only $9.99!



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