Final matches announced for Money in the Bank

The final touches have been made to the most exciting Money in the Bank pay-per-view WWE has had in years.  These matches have been created due to the intense feuds boiling between these individuals and will meet in the ring to settle the score.  Whether this ends the feud entirely is undetermined, but it allows those involved to release the anger and tension towards one another – on one another.  The following matches include:

Apollo Crews vs Sheamus


This feud occurred when Sheamus was bragging about his recent role in the new Teeange Mutant Ninja Turles movie where he plays the role of Rocksteady.  The big-headed Sheamus continued to brag on and on about his recent role when he was interrupted by Apollo Crews.  Crews was trying to bring Sheamus back down to earth but the WWE-turned-movie star felt “the rookie” as Sheamus has deemed him was jealous of his success.  Interference during matches and sneak attacks occurred since their encounter and resulted in this match for this Sunday’s pay-per-view.

Natalya and Becky Lynch vs Charlotte and Dana Brooke


We’re all aware of Charlotte and Natalya’s feud the last few months for the Womens Championship.  Now that Charlotte has ended the working relationship with her father Ric Flair, Charlotte has recruited the new member of womens locker room, Dana Brooke as her protege.  Becky Lynch and Natalya have worked together in various tag team matches and it’s been shown within the last few weeks that they also have each others backs.  Whenever Natalya was outnumbered by Charlotte and Dana, Becky would come to the rescue and vice versa.  Natalya and Becky even tried to help Dana by warning her about Charlotte’s vindictive ways, but Dana chose to ignore them.  Now, the fight will be even as these pairs go one on one at Money in the Bank.

The Golden Truth (R-Truth and Goldust) vs Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango)


These duos have been feuding since Fandango turned on Goldust and aligned himself with Breeze.  R-Truth came to the rescue of Goldust and The Golden Truth was born.  The two teams have had matches against one another as well as done guest commentary during the other team’s matches.  Now, it’s time for these pairs to meet once again in the squared circle at Money in the Bank.

Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin


These two have been going back and forth since after Wrestlemania 32.  We all thought the feud was ending at Extreme Rules, but it looks like these two have way too much animosity for it to end.  Maybe Money in the Bank will be the night that this feud will end once and for all, however neither one will be happy if they aren’t the ones having their hand held in victory so it wouldn’t surprise me if it were to continue.

The Lucha Dragons vs The Dudley Boyz


There is no feud occurring between these two teams so I believe this match will be kicking off the pay-per-view.  The Lucha Dragons are high flyers and The Dudley Boyz are violent so I think this match will be entertaining!

Be sure to check out these matches and more on Money in the Bank Sunday, June 19th only on the WWE Network!


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