The Shield reunites on The Ambrose Asylum


I don’t know about you, but I was – and still am – a huge fan of The Shield.  I believe they are the hottest faction to ever dominate the WWE ring, and dominate they did.  From the day they debuted, to the day they became Champions, and even the day Seth Rollins turned on his brothers, The Shield have taken control of the company.  Even now as singles competitors, they are still attracting attention and showing the locker room and WWE Universe that they are here to make a statement and make history.  Seth Rollins successfully cashed in his Money in The Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania 31 to become our WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns is a 2x World Heavyweight Champion, and Dean Ambrose has been a part of some of the most exciting and historic matches, like the first ever Asylum Match at Extreme Rules as well as this year’s Money in the Bank match and even has his own talk show now!  Speaking of which, the members of The Shield met on The Ambrose Asylum for the first time since that fatal day where Rollins turned on his brothers and turned the once hottest faction into a distant memory.

The meeting between the trio started with Seth looking agitated and annoyed that he was there. Dean Ambrose called him a “party pooper” with the WWE Universe shortly following his lead.  Seth then lightened up and traveled through memory lane discussing moments he had with Ambrose and Reigns, like the time they took on The New Aged Outlaws, The Wyatt Family and Evolution.  Nothing but smiles were shared until Seth informed them that his favorite moments with his former team mates was when he took a chair to Reigns’ back or when he cashed his Money in the Bank briefcase to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  The smiles faded and the hostility emerged as Reigns and Rollins went back and forth stating who would become – or who would remain – WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Money in the Bank.  Dean then chimed in asking the question what if he won the briefcase in the Money in the Bank match?  What if he cashed in his briefcase that same night to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion?  The possibility of a new Champion is probable with every man for himself.

Tune into Money in the Bank this Sunday, June 19th to witness Seth Rollins take on Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship only on the WWE Network!


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