Flashback Friday (06.10.16)

Throughout WWE’s history, we’ve witnessed so many entertaining and historic matches. There have been moments where we laughed, celebrated to the point where the noise ordinance was broken, and shocked us to the point where we were left speechless.  I want to honor these amazing moments and those who created them by creating a new blog segment called Flashback Friday.

On October 17th, 1998, Judgement Day took over Chicago, Illinois.  These men meeting in the squared circle could not be any more different.  One man – once sexual is now reserved – was against the other’s lude behavior that he once himself displayed.  How do you think this lude, crude man responds to the other?  By having an affair with his wife!  This led to a breaking point, returning to his true identity and interfere in the other’s matches.  He even gave his opponent a gift – a golden cup for his…you know what. All of this boiled down to the match we are about to relive as Val Venis (with Terri Runnels by his side) takes on my man, Goldust.


Goldust wasn’t wasting any time as he connected his knee to Val’s face immediately after getting into the ring. Unfortunately for Goldust, his momentum was cut short as Val was able to hit Goldust with a boot and several punches to the face.  An elbow to the chest shortly followed before The Big Valbowski sent Goldust flying out of the ring.  These punches to Goldust continue outside of the ring until Goldust throws Val into the barricade, followed by steels steps and then back into the ring.  Goldust shortly follows but cannot successfully enter the ring due to Val throwing more punches Goldust’s way.  One of these being a punch to the stomach which sends Goldust flying off of the ring and onto the floor.  Val picks Goldust off of the floor and back into the ring, where he climbs onto the top turnbuckle and leaps but is welcomed by a punch in the gut by Goldust.  This allows Goldust to have the advantage in the match, connecting an Atomic Drop on Val, followed by a boot and several punches to the face before finishing with a neckbreaker.  Goldust attempted to pin Val but he kicks out at two.  Goldust continues the abuse on Venis by locking in an armbreaker then throwing him into the corner of the ring.  Goldust charges at Val from the opposite end but Val quickly moves out of the way which sends Goldust flying out of the ring.  This injures Goldust’s shoulder, which Val noticed and focuses on further injuring.  The Chicago fans get behind Goldust, chanting his name, as Val Venis continues his dominance over Goldust.  Goldust is able to break from Val’s destruction on his shoulder by hit Val with a Cross Body where he attempts to pin but Val kicks out at two.  It doesn’t last long, as Val is able to bounce back quickly and hit Goldust with a Russian Leg Sweep into a Lateral Press before attempting to pin.  The pin on Goldust is unsuccessful as Goldust kicks out at two.  Goldust picks himself up and is able to dodge two neckbreakers but not the powerbomb!  This led into a pin but Val unexpectedly breaks his own pin and climbs up to the top turnbuckle.  This gives Goldust the opportunity to get up and prevent Val from doing whatever manuever he had planned, punching Val multiple times before doing a Suplex off the top turnbuckle.  Golddust pins and Val breaks out of the pin at two.  Both of these men tried to knock each other out cold by locking in a sleeperhold but both men failed.  At this point, Terri jumps on the ring yelling at Goldust.  Goldust’s response was nothing short of classic Goldust behavior – breathing in as his hands slowly rise from his mid-section to his chest then grabbing himself and thrusting in her direction.  During this time, Val gets up to hit Goldust with a neckbreaker from behind but Goldust dodges it and almost hits Terri before Val is able to stop himself.  As the referee is distracted by Terri, Goldust kicks Val with his signature Shattered Dreams maneuver and brings the keeling Val to the mat for the pin.

Winner: Goldust


This match was so entertaining due to the storyline between these two dynamic characters. My description of it fails in comparison to watching the recap of it prior to their match.  You can watch this match and many more on The WWE Network!


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