Warrior Wednesday: WWF Heavyweight Championship

The Ultimate Warrior was a phenomenon in the WWE.  He paved the way for many others to unleash their inner warriors when it came to pursuing the dream of professional wrestling.  Just like those he inspired whether it was in or out of the ring, he also had his moments of failure, victory, defeat and conquer.  In honor of The Ultimate Warrior’s legacy, every Wednesday is Warrior Wednesday.  This week, we take a look at The Ultimate Warrior’s title reign as WWF Heavyweight Champion.


No one received quite the push in WWF like Hulk Hogan did in the 1980’s…until now. After multiple confrontations with one another, The Ultimate Warrior became Hulk Hogan’s opponent for the main event at Wrestlemania VI.  Hulk Hogan put his WWF Heavyweight Championship on the line as did The Ultimate Warrior with his Intercontinental Championship.  At Wrestlemania VI, Warrior won the WWF Heavyweight Championship after hitting Hogan with the Warrior Splash.  This made Warrior the first wrestler in WWF history to hold both the WWF Heavyweight Championship and Intercontinental Championship at the same time.   Warrior ultimately relinquished the Intercontinental Championship as it was WWF’s policy that a wrestler could not possess two titles at the same time.  The Ultimate Warrior successfully defended his Heavyweight Championship against the likes of Ted DiBiase, Mr. Perfect, Haku and Rick Rude.

The Ulimate Warrior was then put into a feud currently going on between The Legion of Doom and Demolition. Warrior and The Legion of Doom went on to have several victories together at house shows and one victory that took place at the Saturday Nightt’s Main Event taping on October 13, 1990.  This feud led to a match at Survivor Series where The Warriors, which consisted of Warrior, Legion of Doom and Kerry Von Erich, took on The Perfect Team which included Mr. Perfect and Demolition.  The Warriors won the match with Warrior being the only survivor of his team for the third straight year.  He went on to survive the “Grand Finale Match of Survival” with Hulk Hogan.

In January 1991, Warrior faced Sgt. Slaughter at the Royal Rumble.  Slaughter was an incredibly hated heel at the time, whose character turned on America and aligned with an Iraqi (kayfabe) military general by the name of General Adnan.  During this match, Sensational Sherri injected herself in order to distract The Ultimate Warrior.  It worked, allowing “Macho Man” Randy Savage to sneak into the ring and attack Warrior with a metal scepter.  This allowed Sgt. Slaughter to pin Warrior and win the WWF Heavyweight Championship.  The reason Savage attacked Warrior was because Warrior denied Savage the opportunity to compete for the Heavyweight Championship.  Warrior now had his sights on Savage, which resulted in a “Career Ending” match at Wrestlemania VII.  The Ultimate Warrior won the match, forcing Randy Savage to retire.


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