Triple H invites Goalkeeper Tim Wiese to train at WWE Performance Center

Triple H has extended an invitation to GoalKeeper Tim Wiese to train at the WWE Performance Center which Wiese has expected.


Wiese played soccer for German’s national team from 2008 through 2012. It was rumored throughout Europe that Wiese would join WWE when he was the timekeeper for a WWE Live Show in Frankfurt back in November of 2014. He even threw himself into a match during that same show! That interference resulted in the fans immediately taking to him as well as the beginning of rumors of a Wiese’s possible future with WWE.

In 2015, Wiese had made several statements regarding involvement with WWE in the future which led WWE to inviting Tim to the Performance Center to try out for the day. He impressed WWE trainers and executives, among them being Triple H, who gave Wiese an invitation to continue training at the Performance Center for a longer period of time. ‘”Tim is tenacious,” said The Game. “He continues to be very vocal in his desire to prove that he has what it takes, and has shown tremendous resilience and determination to create an opportunity for himself. This is his break to walk his talk. If all goes well in Florida, he will get his chance in the ring.”’

Triple H’s challenge for Wiese is one he is willing to accept and even has a timeframe to achieve this in-ring ready goal. The timeframe Wiese has designated is when WWE returns to Frankfurt, Munich, Oberhausen and Berlin in November. ‘”I have been training hard for this, and I am excited for the opportunity,” Wiese said. “No matter what it takes, my goal is to be in that WWE ring this November. I want that match!”’

I don’t watch soccer, so I know nothing about this gentleman. The only thing I do know is what I have provided all of you, and that is he is incredibly excited about this new journey with WWE as well as he’s passionate, driven and determined. I like him already.

Be sure to check back with on additional information regarding Tim Wiese’s new endeavor with WWE.


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