Teddy Long makes an surprise appearance at Monday Night Raw

Holla Holla!  Our favorite playa Teddy Long is back!  Well, not technically, but he’s hoping to be brought back for The New Era and brand split Smackdown will be apart of.

teddylongPhoto courtesy of WWE’s official Instagram page

Teddy was throwing out ideas for matches left and right, and one of them was even added to the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.  Although the fans were thrilled to see Teddy throughout the show, Stephanie didn’t share the same feelings.  In fact, after telling Teddy to leave several times, she practically threw him out (which was a little hard to watch….for me anyway).  If Stephanie could have it her way, she’ll be the one to run Smackdown.  But will Shane share the same thought?  Will Shane feel Teddy would be the perfect fit due to years of experience as Smackdown General Manager or opt for someone new?  Find out by continuously tuning into Monday Night Raw and Smackdown!


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