AJ Styles explains attack on John Cena

Inquiring minds received their answers on Monday Night Raw as to why AJ Styles attacked John Cena last week. The reason being for this unexpected assault on Cena is that Cena insults Styles every time he enters the ring.


Styles went on to say that he has nothing to prove and nothing to lose since he’s done it all. AJ has spent almost 20 year traveling throughout the United States and many, many countries making a name for himself. He can run circles around Cena and even on Cena’s best day, he still couldn’t beat him.

Cena demanded why it is no longer John Cena vs AJ Styles but John Cena vs The Club. AJ replied he has Gallows and Anderson along with him as an insurance policy since people like John Cena bury people like him.

I don’t know about you, but the answer and explanations to follow make absolutely no sense. One, AJ said John insults him every time he steps in the ring, but how does John insult him?  What is the reason for feeling insulted?  AJ never provided a reason.  Two, AJ talks himself up then says that John Cena buries people like him?  His words prior to that statement just lost all credibility.  There are so many things wrong with this whole segment and it has left me puzzled and pissed off.  I’m not pissed off because I’m puzzled, I’m pissed off because WWE had someone of Styles’ caliber say he’s less than John Cena.  He’s The Phenomenal One for crying out loud!  There are matches, victories, and championship reigns that have given him that title.  This isn’t the ideal way to kickstart a feud in my opinion.

I’m really curious to hear what you guys have to say about this.  Please let me know how you felt about what went down between Styles and Cena on Raw by leaving a comment below!


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