Instagram Photo of the Week (06.04.16)

This week’s Instagram Photo of the Week once again comes from the company itself, WWE.

Money in the Bank is almost two weeks away and the quality of opponents for the match by the same name are absolutely phenomenal.  You have Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro, Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho all vying for the opportunity to get one step closer at becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  On this week’s edition of Smackdown, we got a glimpse of what the result of this match could possibly be (and the one I’m rooting for!).  Although Kevin Owens grabbed the ladder to show everyone how that match will end, it was The Swiss Superman Cesaro who interfered, climbed the ladder, and grabbed the briefcase.  Whoever operates WWE’s Instagram pages caught an excellent shot of Cesaro on top of the ladder with briefcase in hand, all while wearing his signature suit.


The way the lights are shining down on Cesaro, with him in focus and the WWE Universe a blur just makes this a fantastic photo.  Like I said earlier, this is the result I’m really hoping for.  Are you hoping for the same result or a different one?  Let me know who your choice for the Money in the Bank winner is by leaving a comment below!

Be sure to follow WWE on Instagram (@WWE) as well as myself (@wwebloggingbetty)!


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