AJ Styles turn Heel – and on John Cena

AJ Styles has been immediately welcomed by The WWE Universe since the moment he debuted as the third entrant at this year’s Extreme Rules.  Even those who are unfamiliar with AJ’s successful wrestling career prior to WWE took to The Phenomenal One without hesitation.  Aside from his impeccable in-ring ability, he exudes this humble, down-to-earth, respectable attitude so naturally. It’s just who AJ Styles is.  Or is it?


To no surprise (to me or my boyfriend at least), AJ Styles was the first one from the WWE locker room to come out and personally welcome John Cena back from his five month absence. After the Green Bay crowd simmered down from the excitement of Styles and Cena in the ring together, AJ began to address Cena.  For AJ, this exact moment was one he had been waiting for for a long time.  He also stated he wasn’t sure why Cena had such a bad rep, as he was always the first to arrive and the last to leave, not to mention everything he has done in and out of the ring for this company.  Not only does Cena have the respect of Styles, but the respect of everyone in the locker room.  While Styles was in the middle of his heartfelt welcome, former friends of Styles’ Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson came out to the arena and interrupted.  It was clear to see upon going their separate ways which paths they’re traveling.  Gallows and Anderson took the path of viciousness and dominance, laying a severe beating on The Usos’ whereas Styles, according to them, took the path of sucking up and kissing ass.  Gallows and Anderson warned them that they only know how to kick ass, which didn’t exclude anyone including Styles.  As the duo made their way down the ramp, AJ shocked us all by turning on John Cena and initiating quite the attack along with Gallows and Anderson.  Even after exiting the ring and leaving Cena there in pain, Styles ran back to the ring multiple times to continue his attack.  At one point, referees had to come out and pull Styles away from Cena.


Um…what the hell, Styles?! I predicted this could potentially happen in my Friends to Foes? post but to see Styles demonstrate such behavior totally unfitting or unlike him still comes as a shock to the system.  I’m confident AJ will address the reason for his behavior within the next few days.


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