The Club part ways

I predicted this may happen, referring to my Friends to Foes? blog post I wrote in April.  It was clear AJ wasn’t happy with his friends Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson continuously interfering with this matches, and he finally let them know on Monday Night Raw.

ajgallowsandersonPhoto courtesy of

Prior to AJ’s Money in the Bank qualifying match against Kevin Owens, he stated if it weren’t for The Usos’, Gallows and Anderson at Extreme Rules, he would be our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  It was then Gallows and Anderson came out to confront AJ on his comments.  To Anderson, it sounded like Styles’ didn’t want them out there fighting alongside Styles, which was correct.  Styles replied that he always said from the beginning that he always wanted to do this on his own, that this wasn’t Japan and things has changed since those days.  Gallows agreed that things had changed but the only thing that changed was Styles.  If it weren’t for them, there would be a few bar fights Styles would haven’t been able to walk away from, let alone be where he is right now in WWE.  Although AJ told them he wanted to separate professionally and not allow this to affect their friendship, Gallows and Anderson didn’t see it this way.  Anderson dropped the bomb that they were no longer friends and left the ring seconds before AJ’s match began.

With this friendship ending, do you think Gallows and Anderson will interfere in AJ’s matches?  They are heels after all.  If this happens, I’m still betting WWE will bring Finn Balor up to the main roster to pair with Styles to even the score.  I guess only time will tell where these former allies will go from here.


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