Enzo Amore returns!

Aside from Seth Rollins’ incredibly welcome return at Extreme Rules after six months of recovery and rehab, we had another highly anticipated return on Monday Night Raw as well!  After the music hit and Big Cass came out to the WWE, all he did was simply point and the fans went wild!  Our beloved Enzo Amore was back!

eamorerawreturnPhoto courtesy of WWE.com

Enzo came out fired up than ever!  He was flying all over the entrance way all the way down to the ring.  With a mic in hand, he was ready to gab and gab he did.  Enzo said that the doctor’s diagnosed him with a concussion or what he likes to call “a hard sneeze”.  Once Big Cass “blessed” him, Enzo continued on by saying he is blessed because he has the gift to gab and the gift to jab and if he had a dime for every time he got knocked down and didn’t get back, he would have zero dimes!  He called out “a cuppa hatahs” in Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley for being out of line and asked them to do us a favor with that being not to do us any favors.  Big Cass then took over the mic aiming at Bubba Ray saying taking his size 16 boot to his head was like throwing a basketball into a swimming pool: he wasn’t going to miss.  And of course, there is only ONE WORD to describe them, which of course Cass, along with the help of the WWE Universe, spelled out for him.

I don’t believe Enzo has been cleared to wrestle yet as he watched ringside while Big Cass took on Bubba Ray Dudley and successfully won the match.  Even on Smackdown, Enzo would lend a helping hand ringside, but was not fully wrestling.  I’m hoping Enzo will be cleared by SummerSlam to take on The New Day for their WWE Tag Team Championship!


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