Charlotte disowns father Ric Flair

Talk about the hardest segment to watch on this week’s Monday Night Raw!

After Ric Flair was done singing his daughter’s praises as WWE Womens Champion and acknowledging Dana Brooke, Charlotte took over to not only acknowledge Ms. Brooke as well, but herself.  Turning towards her father, she relived childhood memories where all she wanted was her father to be there with her, but all she could do was watch him on TV.  She would cry to her mother, who said her father was always with her, but there were many holidays and birthdays he was not.  Now, as the WWE Womens Champion, she understands why he wasn’t there.  As Champion, she’s never been more powerful or confident in her life.  Ric was the man and now she’s the woman.  This all led her to finally tell him that she no longer needed him and persisted to order him out of her ring.

charlottericflair Photo courtesy of

As an astonished and heartbroken father began to cry, Charlotte began to mock him. She went on to badger Ric by saying everyone in his generation have a hard time leaving the spotlight and he should be honored that she allowed him to bask in hers.  Charlotte stated that no longer will people say “That’s Ric Flair’s daughter” when they walk into a room, but “That’s Charlotte’s dad” instead.  She thought she couldn’t do it without her father but realized that her spotlight shines brighter than his ever will.  As Ric continued to cry harder, she informed him that’s how she felt when he abandoned her for 30 years of her life and although immortal to the WWE Universe, to her he’s just dead.  Before Ric exited the ring, Charlotte told him that he can watch her on TV like she did him.

Ric Flair could do nothing but hang his head as tears followed him out of the ring and out of the arena.  What lies ahead for the newly estranged Flair family?  We’ll just have to tune into Monday Night Raw to find out.


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