The Shining Stars debut on Monday Night Raw

Primo and Epico, now known as The Shining Stars, debuted on last night’s Monday Night Raw.

theshiningstars Photo courtesy of’s official Instagram

They came out as pictured above and described how stepping into the ring makes them feel like they are stepping into their beloved Puerto Rico.  They welcome everyone from all over the world, including the two wrestlers in the ring (who may look familiar as they were on last week’s NXT) and wanted to share a piece of their Puerto Rican paradise.  The two successfully defeated John Skylar and Cory Hollis.

In case you didn’t know, this is Primo and Epico’s second time being repackaged.  They were Los Matadores and now, The Shining Stars. must really like them as in-ring talent.  I personally must be missing something because I don’t think they’re that talented and or entertaining to repackage.  I have a feeling though that if The Shining Stars doesn’t take, we could be seeing them on the chopping block.

What are your thoughts on The Shining Stars?  Leave them in a comment below!


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