Finn Balor returns to NXT

Finn Balor made his anticipated return to NXT last night since losing his title to Samoa Joe in Lowell, Massachusetts 3 weeks ago. The somber Finn was greeted by cheers and chants of “Thank you, Finn!” which immediately put a smile on his face (we have that effect).  Balor immediately wanted to address “the elephant in the room” which was Samoa Joe is now our NXT Champion.  Balor and Joe have been at war for quite some time, and have squared off for the title at NXT TakeOver in London and Dallas.  Both matches could have gone either way, Finn stated, but he won.  When about to discuss what happened at Lowell, Massachusetts, the former NXT Champion was interrupted by “The Drifter “ Elias Sampson.  Sampson wrote and sang a special little ditty for Balor which he performed on his way to the ring and told Balor he was nothing without the title.  Balor hit Sampson with a sweet flip kick right to the face and a match was set between the two, whether Sampson wanted it or not.

After The Demon defeated The Drifter, Finn Balor picked up where he left off. He stated his match could have gone either way at Lowell, Massachusetts but Samoa Joe won.  Everyone knows Balor is obsessed with NXT and now he’s possessed by The Demon to get his NXT Championship back and demanded a rematch.  At this time, Samoa Joe came out stating Finn doesn’t deserve one and that he worked hard to get it.  The aggressive tension between the two got to the point where NXT General Manager William Regal had to interfere and put a stop to it.  He announced that at NXT TakeOver, Finn Balor would have a rematch for the NXT Championship against Finn Balor.

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Man, what a heated rivalry. I wonder if regardless if Balor loses or not, if he’ll drop the pursuit of gold.  He seems like a sensible man that if he loses his rematch, he’ll move on.  There are bigger and better things in store for him (like the main roster, for example…).  Tune into NXT TakeOver on Wednesday, June 8th to see if The Demon can retain the NXT Championship!


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