Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze team up to raise money for residents of Fort McMurray

owensbreeze Photo courtesy of

Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze have partnered up to raise money for those affected by the wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada by launching a GoFundMe page this past Saturday. 90,000 residents were forced to evacuate due to the wildfire.

Owens and Breeze, who hail from Canada, knew they wanted to help. ““After watching footage of people driving through what looks like hell and seeing people losing everything they owned, I knew I wanted to help,” Kevin Owens told”  For Breeze, it was personal.  Breeze told “”It’s personally close to me, not only because I’m Canadian, but my dad is currently working up there.  His lodge is letting evacuees in and taking care of whatever they can.  I figured, if there’s a way we can help out, why wouldn’t we?””  Their goal was to raise $30,000.00 by May 22nd, the date of Extreme Rules but with the help of the WWE Universe, they have far exceeded that amount.  “”It’s extremely heartwarming to see how generous people are,” Owens said.”

Breeze and Owens have now set a new goal of $100,000.00 by the 22nd and they are confident with the continuing support and generosity of the WWE Universe, they will reach their goal.  As a Thank You to anyone who donates, both The Prizefighter and Prince Pretty will follow each and every donator on Twitter; if the donation is $100.00 and above, you will receive a video from both WWE Superstars.  “”It may take a little while, because there are over a thousand people so far, but we haven’t forgotten anyone who’s donated.  We truly appreciate all the support,” Owens said.” writes, “Whether they reach $100,000.00 in donations or not, the two Superstars have a clear objective. “The ultimate goal is to help those who have been affected”, Breeze said.  “If a whole city has been burned to the ground, there’s a lot of work to do.  Since we’re not there to help in person, this is the best way we can do something.  If we can hit our goal, I think that will make a big difference.””


You can donate and share this GoFundMe by clicking the link here.  All of the proceeds will be going to the Canadian Red Cross.


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